Manual Coffee Brewing: A Professional Development Project

By Crizelle Belmonte | Posted on April 24, 2024

The Rotaract Club of Lucena South embarked on an exciting professional development project centered around the art of Manual Coffee Brewing. The event featured Rotaractor Michael Racelis, a passionate coffee enthusiast and skilled brewer, who took participants on a flavorful journey through various brewing techniques, coffee beans, and the science behind a perfect cup of joe.

Rotaractor Michael delved into the intricacies of manual brewing methods. Participants learned about the following techniques like Pour-Over wherein, the classic method uses a cone-shaped dripper and a slow, controlled pour, Kalita Wave is a flat-bottom dripper that promotes even extraction, and Bonavita, a user-friendly automatic pour-over brewer. He also discussed the differences between coffee beans, their flavor profiles, and the impact of origin, processing methods, and where you can acquire them.

The materials used in the project

Participants had the opportunity to sample various brews. They explored flavor nuances, acidity levels, and body. From fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to chocolatey Colombian beans, the tasting session was a sensory delight. He also emphasizes the ideal range for brewing. Too hot or too cold alters the taste. Participants learned how to calculate ratios based on brewing methods. 

After the enlightening talk, HCP Daphne added a delightful twist. She initiated a raffle drawing for participants. Three lucky winners received coffee French presses, perfect for brewing at home. But that’s not all—the French presses came with sample coffee beans directly from Rotaractor Michael himself wherein PP Regine Grafilo, Treas. Crizelle Belmonte and our newest Member Rotaractor Ian won the items.

Rtr. Michael discusses the basics of brewing coffee as part of the professional service project of the club

The event left everyone buzzing with caffeine-infused enthusiasm, ready to brew their own magic. Every cup of coffee tells a story, and the Rotaract Club of Lucena South just added a flavorful chapter to theirs!

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