Rotaract Club Launches “Keep Our Hands Clean Together” Initiative

By Amiel Andrei Reyes and Kristine Joy Anglo | Posted on April 3, 2024

Amidst the ongoing global health crisis, the Rotaract Club of Tiaong Transforming New Gen has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering hand hygiene awareness among the youngest members of the community. Conducted in three phases from September to November 2023, the “Keep Our Hands Clean Together” initiative represents a bold step towards a healthier and safer community.

Rotaract members, clad in their gear, visit three diverse daycare centers across Tiaong’s barangays. Their mission: educate children on proper handwashing techniques and the crucial role of soap in effective hygiene practices.

Recognizing the unique challenge posed by the sensory learning nature of young children, the Rotaract team employed creative methods. The initiative sought to make the abstract concept of germs tangible through interactive play, ensuring that the importance of maintaining healthy skin as a protective barrier against infections and diseases was effectively conveyed.

Stressing the role of soap in removing oils harboring bacteria, Rotaract members patiently guide each child through hands-on demonstrations, aiming to instill proper hand hygiene habits.

This community-driven program echoes the belief that imparting crucial knowledge at an early age shapes a healthier, conscious generation. The fusion of creative methodologies and hands-on guidance is a testament to the Rotaract Club’s commitment, ensuring the understanding and active practice of proper handwashing techniques.

As the Rotaract Club pioneers this initiative, it stands as a beacon of hope for a community valuing education, innovation, and compassion in the pursuit of optimal health. In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, “Cleanliness and order are matters of education; you must cultivate a taste for them.” The “Keep Our Hands Clean Together” initiative embodies this ethos, propelling Tiaong towards a healthier and cleaner future.

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