Filtering Hope: A Biosand Filter Journey Towards Access to Clean Drinking Water

By Jowenie Mangarin | Posted on April 3, 2024

As a research teacher at Immaculate Conception College of Balayan, Inc., I led a group that tackled the pressing issue of water sanitation in our municipality.

Recognizing the critical need for safe drinking water, we embarked on a journey to develop a biosand filter that could address the persistent challenges of water contamination. 

I and my students visited a private supplier of sand and gravel in Calatagan, Batangas (CALABARZON) to ask for assistance regarding the needed crushed sand and stone for the biosand filters.

My students and I identified the potential of biosand filters, integrating crushed rock sand and granular activated carbon, as a promising solution. We developed three biosand filters with varying structures and quantities of components.

The filters were designed to enhance water quality and contribute significantly to mitigating water contamination challenges. Our study subjected contaminated water to these filters, and the resulting samples underwent rigorous laboratory testing. The results were promising.

One of the models of biosand water filtration used by the students.

The Type A filter demonstrated the most enhanced water treatment capabilities, reducing the risk posed by contaminated water by more than half. However, Type B and Type C filters did not show a very substantial improvement in water quality. This highlighted the importance of the correct formulation for positive outcomes. In response to these findings, we are now in the second phase of developing an enhanced biosand filter.

Despite achieving a significant reduction in water contamination, we recognize the need for further refinement.

Our ongoing pursuit focuses on determining the optimal combination and quantity of filtration components to ensure consistent and enhanced water treatment outcomes.

This success story not only highlights the remarkable achievements of the Immaculate Conception College team but also underscores their unwavering dedication to addressing critical community issues through groundbreaking research. Their ultimate goal is crystal clear: to provide every resident with access to safe and clean drinking water, marking a significant stride towards a healthier and more sustainable future for Balayan.

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