Rotaract Ala Eh Imprinted Change

By Chynna Dela Rosa | Posted on October 1, 2021

Trees play an enormous part in the present and the future to maintain a good quality of life here on Earth. The Rotaract Club of Downtown Batangas City, together with Rotaract Clubs of Alpha San Jose, Batangas Metro Pioneers, Batangas Premier and Downtown Ibaan conducted a tree planting activity entitled, Handprints of Change, held at Brgy. Dalig, Batangas City last August 7, 2021. 

LCP Judy Ann Caiga and Rtr. Rommel Tamayo from Rotaract Club of Downtown Ibaan, and ISD Jazril Karlo Bagui from Rotaract Club of Downtown Batangas City as they plant one of the 500 coffee seedlings given by the Batangas Provincial Agricultural Office. These seedlings are expected to grow into trees after three to five years and the profit to be earned by selling the coffee products will be used to provide funds for more community projects.

The Batangas Agricultural Office has given the participating Rotaract Clubs with over 500 coffee seedlings. In three to five years, these seedlings are expected to grow and the profits earned through selling coffee can be used to provide livelihood and projects for the community in the future. The coffee trees would not only be financially beneficial, it can also help in stabilizing the soil, lessen the possibility of floods, store up carbon and most importantly, trees produce oxygen which is a really important element for human beings to live. 

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