Sastre sa Kaugmaon: Stitching Dreams, Weaving Futures

By Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia | Posted on December 12, 2023

At the heart of Cordova, the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu is stitching together a tapestry of hope with its groundbreaking project, “Sastre sa Kaugmaon.” This hope-creating initiative bagged the Silver Prize, securing the second spot in the recently held prestigious Edison Ong National Awards.

Initial turnover of the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu of the first two sewing machines to Cordova Central Elementary School last June 26, 2023.

With a seed grant of Php 15,000, Sastre sa Kaugmaon found its roots in the Cordova Central Elementary School, where its impact has been nothing short of revolutionary. The primary objective? To provide a sustainable livelihood for the mothers and out-of-school youths in Brgy. Poblacion, Cordova.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu, coupled with the generous donations and collected funds from their membership dues, the Cordova Central Elementary School now boasts five fully functional sewing machines. These machines are not just tools; they are symbols of hope that bring livelihoods to the community.

President Rtn. Glenda Antonio of our mother club, the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu, with our international partners and donors witnessing the turnover via Zoom.

The ripple effect has been profound. The out-of-school youths and mothers, once facing an uncertain future, have embraced the art of sewing as up-and-coming sastres or “tailors”. Under the guidance of the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu and our partners, they’ve not only learned the craft but have also started creating products that are both functional and sustainable.

Sastre sa Kaugmaon goes beyond providing skills; it nurtures dreams. It fosters a community where people can feel the countless possibilities ahead from a single pool of thread. The project has become a testament to the transformative power of collective effort, where a small seed grant has blossomed into a garden of opportunities.

Through Sastre sa Kaugmaon’s success, we are able to make an impact on the environment by utilizing recycled materials to create sustainable products while making an impact on the community by providing them the skills, the tools, and the platform to make a living. Indeed, Sastre sa Kaugmaon has been a success and will continue to be a platform for everyone in the future.

Let this reflect the impact of Rotaract and prove that change begins with a single stitch.

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