Hike for a Cause: Project BAKTAS Raises P5750 for Rotary’s End Polio Program

By Lee Lhouine Kaidz II Lirazan | Posted on December 12, 2023

On its second run, the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu (RACMC) CIT – Chapter held Project BAKTAS in a trailblazing effort to tackle polio head-on in Pangilatan Peak at Naga City, Cebu last November 12. This charitable hike project seeks to increase awareness of Rotary’s initiative to eliminate polio in which the funds generated from this will be contributed to the Rotary Foundation’s End Polio Program.

At the peak of Mt. Pangilatan, Rotaractors take a well-deserved break, sharing moments of camaraderie after reaching their hiking goal.

Spearheaded by Rtr. Eva Marie Alcansado and Rtr. Rudyard Garcia, along with the Maternal and Child Health Committee, the “Project Baktas is our way of saying we won’t stand idle in the fight against polio. It’s about reaching new heights – both literally and metaphorically,” said Rtr. Alcansado.

Moreover, the hike wasn’t just a strenuous climb but it was a symbolic journey. The preparation reflected them overcoming the challenges uphill. A sudden drizzle gifted the climbers with not just raindrops but three vibrant rainbows, perhaps nature’s way of applauding their dedication.

The Project Baktas participants embark on their journey to Mt. Pangilatan at 5:30 AM, radiating enthusiasm for a purposeful hike.

“It’s not just a hike but it’s a testament to our strength as a community. We laughed, we shared stories, and we described our feelings – from exhaustion to finding therapeutic solace.” shared Michelle Racaza, RCMC CIT – University Chapter Treasurer.

Furthermore, the project gathered a commendable P5750.00 which will be donated to the End Polio Foundation. When asked about his sentiments, Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu CIT – University Chapter President Lordhan Labora said, “This [project] exceeds our expectations and the circle formation we did at the peak enhanced community spirit. We should explore similar activities in future projects to foster even more interaction. The unexpected rain and three rainbows sparked interest and excitement in leveraging unforgettable and memorable experiences.”

Around 10 A.M, the Rotaractors descend from the peak, concluding a fulfilling hike dedicated to the noble cause of ending polio.

Project BAKTAS stands as a beacon of hope, symbolizing unity, and a potent call to action. With over 38 participants, the RACMC CIT – University Chapter can revel in the triumph of a successful initiative that proves that with every step will get closer to a polio-free world.

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