The Vital Role of Rotaract as NGO in Disaster Response

By James Dignadice | Posted on December 15, 2023

Disasters do not discriminate and can occur anytime and anywhere. In such times of calamity, the response of non-government organizations (NGOs) play vital roles. In providing assistance in the form of emergency supplies; medical aid and shelter to the affected people, Rotaract Clubs as an NGO provides immediate relief as well as long term rehabilitation. They are often the first to respond to disasters, especially in remote areas where government help is limited and further extend the help in reducing the risks and impacts of disasters.

Contribution to Disaster Risk Reduction Ecosystem

Continued support for their efforts is crucial, as they provide unique and important contributions to the disaster risk reduction ecosystem.They work on the ground to assess damage, identify needs, and provide immediate relief. Rotaract club is not solely emergency responders, but also a contributor in capacity building and strengthening local communities as well as advocacy and policy development.

As we work through the recovery period, the spirit of togetherness prevails. The community comes together with renewed strength and determination to overcome any challenge that comes our way.


Effective collaboration between governments and NGOs is necessary to ensure a proactive and coordinated response to disasters. Such collaboration can undoubtedly lead us towards a safer, disaster resilient world.Let’s not wait until disaster strikes to recognize the value of NGOs and their significant impact in saving lives and supporting vulnerable communities. Together, we can create hope in the world.

As disaster response plans are put into action, various precautions are taken to safeguard our communities.Hygiene is crucial during disaster, to prevent future casualties caused by poor hygiene and sanitation, rotary and rotaract provides hygiene kits to those affected families.

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