HIV and AIDS Awareness Symposium (A BARANGAY HOPPING Activity)

By Jade Diane Guerrero | Posted on December 15, 2023

The Rotary Club of Metro Lucena and Rotaract Club of Metro Lucena initiated a Barangay hopping on HIV and AIDS Awareness symposium with the theme “Erasing Stigma: The Impact of HIV and AIDS among the Youth” at Brgy. Dalahican and Brgy. Ilayang Talim in collaboration with Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. under PROTECTS Project and Case, DASH Quezon Province (Dealing Against the Stigma of HIV) and Department of Health.

Together with our Sponsoring Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Metro Lucena represented by Rtn.Dennis Maan, actively demonstrates the use of one of the gears for contraception and protection from infection. The said demonstration was presented to enlighten and teach the listeners these gears to protect them from unwanted pregnancies and especially to protect them from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

A fantastic approach to raise awareness of these crucial health issues is to hold an HIV and AIDS awareness symposium. Covering topics like prevention, transmission, treatment, and destigmatization is essential. Think about asking doctors, researchers, and locals to speak and share their experiences. Accurate information distribution and encouraging open dialogue can help dispel myths about HIV and AIDS and increase public awareness.

Rtn. Dennis Maan then gave his motivational speech to encourage and uplift the audience and Rotarians. In the end, the actual discussion was conducted. The identical execution that took place at Dalahican was then carried out by the rotaractors when they relocated to Ilayang Talim. 

Free gears for contraception and protection from infection were distributed to the attendees of the seminar.

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