Utilization of an Overflowing Treasure

By John Francis De Juan | Posted on August 31, 2023

Growing up, my parents instilled in me that water plays a big part in every person’s life. Back then it was only a clean source that was our enemy. Now even climate change is a cause for more concern. The world offers so much wealth, but we do not use it. We don’t realize that these unnoticed blessings will solve a widespread problem globally. We just have to be creative and use our talents for us to be a contributor of hope and change. 

As we began the Hope-Creating Rotary year, we wanted to make an impact. We aim to leave a legacy that will surely mark the hearts of our chosen community.  Upon visiting our adopted school, we saw something that has been neglected that causes disease and/or illness, which is an unnotice  salty splash of water. The overflowing saline groundwater reservoir of BLISS Site Mayao Crossing in Lucena City, Province of Quezon gave us the opportunity to conduct a study on how we are going to transform a salty splash into a crystal-clear womb where eventually a powerful Project #TuloyDaloy was born. 

Rotaract Club of Lucena Promenade together with fifty-one (51) Rotaract Club Partners all over the Philippines merged not just to witness the success of the project but also to learn how to make #TuloyDaloy sustainable in our community. We are looking forward to this project being replicated not just by different Rotaract Clubs but also by different organizations nationwide for a continuous clean water flow that will create hope in the world. 

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