Elevating the Rotaract Brand: A Moderator’s Reflection on the Asia Pacific Rotaract Conference 2023

By PDRR Christian de Borja | Posted on December 12, 2023

On November 3, 2023, at the illustrious Seoul Dragon City, I had the privilege of moderating the Panel Discussion entitled “Public Image and Branding Workshop” during the Rotaract Workshop of the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) 2023 Seoul. The session brought together passionate Rotaract members from 16 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region, aiming to delve into the intricacies of public image and branding for Rotaract Clubs.

Photo from L-R 1.PDRR Christian de Borja, Asia Pacific Multi-District Information Organization – Public Relations Director (Rotaract Club of San Pedro East, District 3820) 2. PDRR Divagaran Kalaivanan, Asia Pacific Multi-District Information Organization – Brand Compliance Manager (Rotaract Club of Raffles City, District 3310) 3. PP JN. Vianney Dagandan, Asia Pacific Multi-District Information Organization – Brand Compliance Specialist (Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente, District 3860)

The distinguished panelists for the session were PDRR Divagaran Kalaivanan from District 3310, Singapore, and PP JN Vianney Dagandan from District 3860, Philippines. Both panelists served as integral members of the Public Relations Committee under the Brand Compliance Section of the Asia Pacific Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO), a role that I also proudly hold as the Public Relations Director.

Both panelists share their advice and insights on the question asked

The initial segment of our workshop was dedicated to unraveling the concept of public image and its profound influence on Rotaract Clubs. We collectively defined public image as the external projection of our identity, encapsulating how our clubs and members are perceived by those familiar or unfamiliar with our work. We emphasized that a robust public image functions as a magnetic force, drawing in potential members, sponsors, and partners while fostering trust and credibility within the communities we serve. Public image stands as the gateway through which we amplify the impact of our clubs, ultimately enhancing our capacity to make a meaningful difference.

Our discussions also delved into the practical aspects of maintaining a consistent and compelling brand image. We shared valuable insights and expertise on developing impactful public image and branding initiatives, emphasizing the role of Rotaractors as stewards of the Rotaract brand.

The second part of the session shifted focus to branding, marking the launch of the “Your Path To Branding Excellence” e-book. This comprehensive guide encapsulates the updated Rotaract voice and visual identity guidelines. Emphasizing the importance of the proper, consistent use of brand elements such as the brand mark, messaging, and tone, these guidelines are deemed crucial for a global brand like Rotaract. A quick rundown of do’s and don’ts provided practical insights into ensuring a uniform and powerful brand presence.

PDRR Diva and PP JN. discussing the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines of Rotary

To encourage interaction, we opened the floor to our diverse audience, urging them to share their questions through a form. Reading and responding to these questions revealed a striking commonality – similar concerns echoed across different countries, emphasizing the universal challenges faced by Rotaract clubs. This realization underscored the importance of collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing, fostering a sense of unity among the diverse Rotaract community.

As a Rotaractor with over a decade of experience and a fervent advocate for the Rotaract brand, it was a delight to impart our insights to fellow Rotaractors spanning various parts of the Asia Pacific region. The exchange of ideas, the shared passion for service, and the collective commitment to enhancing our public image and branding left an indelible mark on the conference.

A picture of the whole set during the breakout session.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Asia Pacific Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) Chair Alan Yip and APRRC 2023 Seoul HOC Chair Taeho Pan for providing this invaluable opportunity. Their vision and commitment to fostering excellence within the Rotaract community continue to inspire and propel us toward greater heights.

In conclusion, the Public Image and Branding Workshop at APRRC 2023 Seoul was a testament to the commitment of Rotaractors to elevate their clubs and the Rotaract brand to new heights. It was a collaborative effort to nurture excellence and ensure that our public image reflects the impactful work we do in communities across the Asia Pacific region.

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