In Focus: Rotaract Club of Raha Sulayman’s Project REACH

By Jayson Adrian Reyes | Posted on November 5, 2021

Everyone should have access to education under any circumstances. But the COVID-19 crisis has forced the education systems to find alternatives. Unfortunately, in some grass-root areas in Tarlac Province, not all families have enough resources to get the right learning tools and equipment for online schooling.

The club believes that despite uncertainty, we Filipinos can always do something for the community and country. In order to help the indigent students in Tarlac Province, the said organization rolled out a project entitled Project REACH (Radio-based Education Assisting Children at Home) a Radio Learning Support System that aims to help all last mile schools. These schools have multi-grade classes with under-resourced teachers, poor public-school facilities and usually only accessible through difficult terrain. This project would not be possible as everyone contributed and collaboration of TP Stephanie Reyes of Rotary Club of Raha Sulayman Manila, TP Jayson Adrian Reyes of Rotaract Club of Raha Sulayman Volunteers and PDRR Omar Dimarucot of Department of Education Region III – School Division of Tarlac Province

PP Ramcy Paclibare Jr. turnover of the equipment needed in building a FM Radio of the Last Mile School in the Department of Education School Division of Tarlac Province

How it works?

Each student is provided a battery-operated radio, charger and antenna. The Department of Education Region III, School Division of Tarlac Province has established a school-based radio stations and teachers will have their own communication equipment such as sound card, USB condenser, and radio transmitter. Broadcasters or teachers will create their own program with interactive components to surely capture the focus and attention of learners, especially the young ones. Radio learning/class will work on a schedule basis.

Maximizing what is available.

The club understands the challenges and risk of COVID-19 virus. While waiting for the roll out of vaccines and DepEd’s final implementation of limited face-to-face classes, the members of Rotaract Club of Raha Sulayman Volunteers and DepEd Region III School Division of Tarlac Province are continuously maximizing all their resources to reach and help more marginalized learners. Making better use of time through conducting webinars about the project, educational discussions on indigent people and fund-raising.

Saving children’s future one radio at a time.

The club encourages more people to support Project REACH as it helps thousands of marginalized learners, fills the gaps in the remote education, safeguards the learners from the possible transmission of COVID-19 and saves every children’s future with our motto, “No Student Left Behind.”

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