RACMSP contribute to the success of the OVP’s Vaccine Express

By Jayson Reyes, Gabrielle Kim Baldoz & Anna Angelica Obsequio | Posted on September 18, 2021

LAGUNA – A program initiated by The Office of The Vice President aimed at assisting the COVID-19 Vaccine Drive of LGUs was held on August 28-29, 2021. Dubbed as Vaccine Express, the categories covered by the vaccination drive were A2 (Senior Citizens, allowed walk-ins), A3 (Individuals with comorbidities), and A5 (Most vulnerable, and indigent individuals).

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in our nation, there is an urgent need for the people to be vaccinated. At Rotaract, we assist in every way that we can when there is a need. (The vaccination site filled with the beneficiaries of the second day of the Vaccine Express in San Pedro).

Two additional sites were opened in administering the vaccines, one at Sisters of Mary Immaculate School and the other at the Landayan Covered Courts. The OVP, largely in partnership with City Councilor PP Bernadeth Olivares of the Rotary Club of Metro San Pedro managed to successfully administer 4,457 jabs, close to the goal of 5,000 jabs.

The virus transmission can be slowed by reducing the number of people who can be infected. This can be accomplished with the help of the vaccination, that is the reason we encourage everyone to be vaccinated and why we lend our hands and serve for a purpose far greater. (A medical volunteer checking the blood pressure of the vaccine beneficiary).

Having met with the OVP Team and PP Bernadeth on the 27th, a day before the Vaccine Express, The Rotaract Club of Metro San Pedro, headed by Changemaker President Sandra ‘Shy’ Chiu, were oriented with their duties and had then been tasked with the general crowd control of the entire vaccination process at SMIS (Sisters of Mary Immaculate School). RACMSP was also tasked with the repacking and distribution of the Post-Vaccine Kits provided by the OVP.

Preparing essentials as part of the after-care for the people that were vaccinated. At the Rotaract Club of Metro San Pedro, we aim to serve people with their best interest in our hearts and minds. (CMP Shy Chiu and volunteers while repacking the post vaccine care kits). 

In an interview with Changemaker President Shy Chiu, she has stated that preparation was key in ensuring a smooth process for the general crowd. With her leadership, Rotaractors were spread out with varying roles throughout the site, moreover, they were also briefed to know all the roles, so in the event that breaks were to commence, takeovers can be conducted leaving no post unmanned. As such, an efficient system was in place. Tiring as it was, it had assisted the success of the Vaccination Express.

Individual getting vaccinated by a medical volunteer

The Rotaract Club of Metro San Pedro is very grateful to be of help and reiterates that the entire Vaccine Express Program would not have been the success that it is if not for the collective efforts of the Office of the Vice President, Hon. PP Bernadeth Olivares, and of course, the medical volunteers. Bearing witness to their tireless service and commitment to their work, RACMSP is in awe of their selfless service – one that is to be saluted, thanked, and appreciated. 

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