Kwela Pa-Eskwela: An Investment for the Future

By Jeorge Sofia Cada | Posted on October 1, 2023

On August 14-18, 2023, The Rotaract Club of Chinatown-Manila together with the support of their mother club, The Rotary Club of Chinatown-Manila conducted a project in line with the Basic Education and Literacy at the Jose Abad Santos High School and Pedro Guevara Elementary School. The success of the yearly project of the Rotaract Club of Chinatown Manila, “Kwela Pa-Eskwela” for the opening school year together with the Department of Education’s yearly “Brigada Eskwela” helped achieve a better and brighter education by supporting the students to bring them in the better hopes of education for their schools.

The students of Jose Abad Santos enjoyed their meals prepared by the Rotary Club of Chinatown – Manila and Rotaract Club of Chinatown – Manila

The event’s significance wasn’t limited to material donations. Hope-creating President Joshe Calvin Tiu set the project with a motivational speech on financial literacy, inspiring students and parents to reach for a better future through education. After, some reminders of the school to the parents for this year “Brigada Eskwela” and other further school announcements were conducted. The turnover of donations to the school was led by Hope-creating President Antonia Ong together with Past President Anna Lee of the Rotary Club of Chinatown-Manila and Hope-creating President Joshe Calvin Tiu of the Rotaract Club of Chinatown-Manila. The support didn’t stop there. “Kwela Pa-Eskwela” reached deep into the heart of the education system, offering essential supplies that can make a significant difference in a student’s life. School supplies, hygiene kits, printers, tables, and chairs were generously donated to 120 beneficiaries at Jose Abad Santos High School and Pedro Guevara Elementary School.

The Rotaract Club of Chinatown – Manila went to Pedro Guevara Elementary School and donated school materials.

As the event wrapped up, it was made clear the commitment to supporting education and the welfare of Filipino students, parents, and teachers remains unwavering. Firmly believing that education holds the key to unlocking many of the challenges that communities face and are determined to continue making a positive difference. Furthermore, the donations and the kindness of others has shown a positive impact in the community making the event possible, giving thanks to these kind individuals for making this possible and giving smiles to other people in need.

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