It’s Your PAWS Day! Celebrating Birthdays with a Purpose

By Jhon Rico Gumop-as | Posted on October 1, 2023

On the 21st of July, a unique and heartwarming project was launched by our Club, the Rotaract Club of Changebringers – “IT’S YOUR PAWS DAY!” – a special Club Service Project that combines birthday celebrations with a noble cause. This innovative initiative aims to provide food and care for the stray animals in their small community, giving back to these furry companions which  have long been in need.

For the birthday celebrants of the month, “IT’S YOUR PAWS DAY!” offers a chance to organize a volunteer activity focused on helping the stray animals in their area. This project comes as a response to the heart-wrenching sight of strays searching for food in trash cans, urging the community to address their nutritional needs properly and minimize contamination risks.

As the Club’s Vice President and an animal advocate, I am at the helm of this impactful project, my passion for animals and ambition to become a veterinarian drives the initiative forward. As a dedicated fur parent, I understand the importance of providing proper nutrition and care for these innocent beings who have been denied love and attention for far too long.

“It’s Your Paws Day!” is more than just a birthday service project,; it’s my way of somehow living my dream of becoming a veterinarian. With a desire to learn about animals, their nature, and their well-being, I aim to be an animal welfare advocate and participate in webinars about animal safety and wildlife protection.

Together with my best friend and Secretary, Sian, we embarked on this journey to establish my special birthday project. Guided and shaped by the Rotaract Club of Changebringers, my skills in public service were enhanced, and my confidence to take action and lead grew. With their support and guidance, this project was systematically developed, hoping to ignite the hearts of fellow citizens to take care of stray animals in need.

“It’s Your Paws Day!” marks the start of a beautiful tradition wherein birthdays are celebrated not just for oneself but for the betterment of the community and the welfare of the stray animals. This project represents the power of compassion, friendship, and mentorship coming together to create a lasting impact on both the lives of animals and the people involved.

This project is a testament to the spirit of giving back and making birthdays more meaningful and fulfilling. My vision, fueled by my love for animals and my aspiration to become a veterinarian, has blossomed into a project that touches the lives of the strays and the entire community. Through this initiative, the Rotaract Club of Changebringers hopes to inspire others to celebrate their special days with a purpose and join hands in making the world a better place for all beings, one paw at a time.

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