Hope Amidst the Pandemic

By Kristia Faith Pagayon, Jewel Rose Jimenez, and Joena Faith Seares | Posted on February 28, 2022

The Rotaract Club of West Visayas State University (RAC-WVSU) holds with great value the six areas of focus; one of which, Basic Education and Literacy, is very dear to our hearts as we students are greatly affected by the pandemic. With this, we conducted the PROJECT AMBAG: Pag Eskwela sa Pandemya, on January 24, 2022; this project aimed to donate school supplies as well as storybooks to Bahay Bulilit Day Care, in Brgy. Benedicto Jaro, Iloilo City.

This pandemic has caused these children to experience a new and different way of education. As everyone continues to construct resolutions for students to adapt in their education closest to what we experienced face-to-face, through this gesture we wished to give hope to these kids and plaster smiles on their faces. We aim to aid the students as well as their teachers as they continue their modular activities amidst the pandemic. 

Rotaract Club of West Visayas State University Members together with the Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo President, Mr. Paul Chatman, and Teacher from Bahay Bulilit, Ma’am Ellen Solido.

With the initiative of our President, Mr. Kenneth Datiles, the guidance of our adviser, Ma’am Edelyn Gomez, and the help of Mr. Paul Chatman, the President of Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo, our club have generated a total of 110 envelopes for the project, containing: 2 pad papers, 1 notebook, 2 erasers, 2 pencils, 1 ballpen, 1 sharpener, 1 clay, and 1 storybook from our previous donation drives. We coordinated with Ma’am Ellen Solido, a teacher in the said daycare, for the project.

When we are generous in modest, barely noticeable ways, it can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Due to the pandemic, only 9 members from the Rotaract Club of WVSU were able to be present in the giving of supplies, we started the project at 9:00 AM. The parents went there one by one, some alone while some brought their children. In addition, we gave out snacks to them and the teachers. Safety protocols were followed, and we made sure all the school supplies were sanitized. Some parents were not able to get the supplies while we were there, because of personal reasons, so we requested Ma’am Solido to give the remaining school supplies to those parents who weren’t able to come. 

No one has ever been recognized for what she has received. She was praised for what she had done.

It was a very delightful experience, helping those who are also struggling in this pandemic. The smiles and gratitude of the parents, children as well as teachers were more than enough to replenish all the efforts we put in. It is truly a privilege to be able to help others. As Pablo quoted “Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help. Reach out to someone that might need a lift.”. As Rotaractors, let us not let this pandemic hinder us to make a difference and change lives. In this time of struggle, we all need each other, Buliliganay kita sa Pag Eskwela sa tunga sang Pandemya! We, the Rotaract Club of West Visayas State University will continue to uphold the goals and purpose of Rotaract.  

“Paglaum sa tunga sang Pandemya”

Suno kay: Jayramie Lazona kag Precious Jewel Saban

Naga angkon sang madako nga kabuluhan ang Rotaract club sang West Visayas State University (RAC-WVSU) amo ini ang anom nga hulot sang pagpokus: isa sini amo ang Basic Education and literacy, ang ini nga butang malapit gid sa amon kasing kasing kay kami nga mga estudyante tuman gid nga naapektuhan sang pandemya. Sa sini, kami ang maga hiwat sang PROJECT AMBAG: Pag-eskwela sa Pandemiya, pagahiwaton sa Enero 24, 2022. Ini nga proyekto naga laum nga maka donar sang mga school supplies kag mga story books sa Bahay Bulilit Day Care sang barangay Benedict, Jaro,  suidad sang Iloilo. Ang ini nga pandemiya ang nahatag sa mga bata nga maeksperyensyahan ang mga lain nga pamaagi sang pagtuon. Sa katagsa-tagsa nga pagpadayun sa pagresulbar nga para sa mga estudyante sapag adoptar sa ila pag eskwela nga nagakaangay sa face-to-face classes, paagi sini luyag namon maghatag sang kalaom kag kasadya sa mga kabataan. Ang amon nga tuyo nga maka bulig gid sa mga estudante kag mga maestra sa panahon sang pandemya.

Giving of School Supplies by the RAC-WVSU members to the parents and children.

Sa pagpanguna sang Presidente sang Rotaract Club sang West Visayas State University nga si  Mr. Kenneth Datiles, pag-guide sang amon adviser nga si Ma’am Edelyn Gomez, kag sa bulig ni Mr. Paul Chatman, Presidente ka Rotary Club sang Metro Iloilo, ang amon organisasyun nakalikum sang 110 envelopes para sa proyekto, (nga may sulod sang: 2 pad papers, 1 notebook, 2 erasers, 2 pencils, 1 ballpen, 1 sharpener, 1 clay, and 1 storybook) nga naghalin sa mga nagligad nga donation drive. Nagcoodinar kami  kay Maam Ellen Solido, siling maistra sa isa ka daycare, para sa proyekto. Tungod sang pandemya, 9 lang ka membro sang Rotaract Club sang WVSU ang nakaupod panagtag sang donasyun. Nagsugod ang pagapanagatag sang donasyun alas nuebe sang aga. Ang ila tagsa ka ginikanan yara gid nag kadto ang iban upod ang ila mga kabataan. Naghatag man ang organisasyon sang pamahaw sa mga kabataan, ginikanan, kag sa mga maestra. Padayun ang pagsunod sang safety protocols. Ang mga ginikanan tag isa-isa nagbaton kag ginasigurado namon nga na sanitize ang mga school supplies antis ipanagtag.  Ginpalihugan sang organisasyon si Maam Solido nga igahatag ang mga nagabilin nga donasyun para sa mga estudyante nga wala ka baton  paagi sa ila ginikanan. 

Rotaract Club of West Visayas State University members delighted to serve the Children and Parents of Bahay Bulilit Daycare Center.

Ang mahatagaan sang chansa nga makabulig sa imo isig ka tawo, isa gid ka manami kag masadya nga experyensa,labi nagid sa tion sining pandemya. Ang makita ang  yuhom kag kasadya sang mga ginikanan, kabataaan kag sang mga maestra dako na nga  kabaylo sa amon pangabudlay.husto nga isa gid ka dako nga prebilihiyo ang mahatagan sang chansa nga makabulig sa imo isig ka tawo. Bilang isa ka membro sa sini nga organisasyon indi naton pag pasugtan nga ang ini nga pandemya mahadlang sa pag bag.o kinahanglanon naton ang isa kag isa, Buliganay kita sa pag eskwela sa tunga sang Pandemya!

As Pablo quoted “Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help. Reach out to someone that might need a lift.”. Kita nga membro sang Rotaract Club of West Visayas State University maga padayon nga ipatupad ang handom kag tuyo sang isa ka Rotaract. Padayon nga igasulong ang tampad kag bug.os nga serbisyo sa kadam an. 

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