A Gleam of Hope

By Darlene Nalayog | Posted on November 19, 2021

“Nothing is ever as powerful as a person who reads for he gains something that no one can ever take away from him.”

September is National Reading Month and it is not a coincidence that the Rotaract Club of Kalibo’s theme for this month is Basic Literacy. Amidst the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic, education must thrive. The learning of the students must not be jeopardized. However, the four walls of their homes might not provide the students with the resources that they need for learning.

To address this concern, the Rotaract Club of Kalibo initiates Project BASA spearheaded by Darlene N. Nalayog with the assistance of Ana Mae D. Macaya. This project aims to promote reading among students since reading is an essential skill that needs to be fostered. 

Our heart flutters with the realization of our dreams especially if the dream that we have is for the betterment of the community and the development of life-long learners ready to tackle the world. (President Ara Gold P. Hablero, Vice President Mark Anthony V. Dolinog, Secretary Darlene N. Nalayog and Ana Mae D. Macaya during the Turn-Over Ceremony of Project BASA)

The Loreto N. Nedic National High School, a rural and small school in the municipality of Madalag, had been selected as the recipient of this project. The school accommodates Junior High School and Senior High School students from nearby barangays. Even though the school is uphill, students endure the arduous hours of walking just to learn and fill their cup of knowledge. Fortunately, the school has an existing library which was also a donation from the Rotary Club of Pasay South East. Although the library is spacious, it lacks shelves that could house the books and other learning materials.

Starting the day with a prayer sets everything in place. A grateful heart radiates an eternal glow knowing that the Lord bestows upon us His Divine Providence even before we ask Him. (Faculty and staff of Loreto N. Nedic National High School, President Ara Gold P. Hablero, Vice President Mark Anthony V. Dolinog, Secretary Darlene N. Nalayog, Ana Mae D. Macaya, and Madalag PNP during the Opening Prayer)

Project BASA provided the students with books and other learning materials that they can use in the new normal education. A hanging bookshelf was also provided to the school library to cater the books and give them a place of their own. Additionally, the Rotaract Club of Kalibo launched a collection of E-Books (Electronic Books) that are publicly accessible and aims to provide a wide range of Digital Books for readers and researchers. The e-books that can be accessed through Google Drive were also provided for utilization of the students and teachers as well. There are a variety of choices from self-help, fiction, photography, travels, medicine, lifestyle and health & fitness. With this, readers may enhance their vocabulary, reading skills and oral fluency, and positively improve their mental and emotional health.

Moreover, Project BASA had not only benefited the learners but their parents as well. Since parents play a vital role in the new normal education, the books that have been donated are of great help in facilitating the learning of their children at home.

No challenge can ever hinder the good deeds of generous people. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we can still create a positive impact to the community as long as we work hand in hand for the attainment of our goal. (Cyvel N. Ningal, President Ara Gold P. Hablero, Secretary Darlene N. Nalayog and Madalag PNP during the turn-over of books)

During the Turn-Over Ceremony, the General Parent-Teacher Association President said, “Receiving the books would surely be a great help in teaching our children at home. Since we are not professionals in the field of teaching, it has been hard for us since last year to assist our children in distance learning. But God has given us this blessing. The Rotaract Club of Kalibo and Project BASA are God’s answer to our prayers.”

Above all, the Loreto N. Nedic National High School community has been very accommodating and their appreciation for the project is overwhelming. According to Cyvel N. Ningal, Officer-in-Charge of the school, “We are very thankful for this opportunity to be the beneficiary of Project BASA. The books and bookshelves that you have donated will positively impact the school and help our students be globally competent. Thank you so much for choosing our school and we hope that you will touch more lives with your generosity and dedication.” 

A strong and harmonious relationship with linkages is an important factor in the success of any project. Having people who support you in your missions and ensure the achievement of your goals will motivate you to do better and strive harder. (Faculty and staff of Loreto N. Nedic National High School, President Ara Gold P. Hablero, Vice President Mark Anthony V. Dolinog, Secretary Darlene N. Nalayog, Ana Mae D. Macaya, and Madalag PNP during the Turn-Over Ceremony)

This project had not been materialized without the support, kindness, and unselfishness of the sponsors and donors. It is only a proof that God sends His angels to those who ask for them. 

Project BASA had given hope to the learners that they could do more with the learning materials that they have acquired. It has opened a new door of opportunities to learners in facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has inspired them to continue learning and strive more for a better future.

Kahayag it Pag-eaum

 “Owa it makatupong sa gahum it isaeang katawo nga makabasa bangud makatuon imaw it mga butang  nga indi mabuoe kana it iba.”

Ro buean it Setyembre hay Buean it Pangnasyon nga Pagbasa ag bukon ra it natabuan nga ro tema it Rotaract Club it Kalibo sa rayang buean hay ro Basic Literacy. Sa tunga it pagpaeag it COVID-19 nga pandemya, ro edukasyon dapat padayon ro pag-umwad. Ro pagtinueon-an it mga estudyante indi dapat ibutang sa piligro. Pero, ro ap-at nga dinding ku andang panimaeay, bukon it bastante nga makatao sa estudyante it mga kinahangeanon nanda para sa andang pagtuon.

Para masabat raya nga makahaeawag nga sitwasyon, ro Rotaract Club it Kalibo nag-umpisa it Prohekto BASA nga ginapangunahan ni Darlene N. Nalayog sa bulig ni Ana Mae D. Macaya. Raya nga prohekto hay may tinutuyo nga mapaumwad ro pagbasa it mga estudyante bangud ro pagbasa hay isaeang ka importante nga abilidad nga dapat paumwaron.

Ro Loreto N. Nedic National High School, isaeang ka maisot ag sa baryo nga eskuylahan sa banwa it Madalag hay napilian nga magabaton ku rayang prohekto. Rayang eskuylahan hay para sa Junior High School ag Senior High School nga mga estudyante nga nagahalin sa kaiping nga mga baryo. Bisan mabukid ro lugar  nga  nahamutangan it eskuylahan, ro mga estudyante ginatiis ro kabudlay it mahabang oras nga pagbaktas  para magtuon ag madugangan ro andang kaaeaman. Mapaead gid ro eskuylahan bangud may laybrari nga gindonar man it Rotary Club it Pasay South East. Maskin ro labyrari hay maligwa tungod owa it mga istante nga mabutangan it mga libro ag iba pa nga materyalis nga magamit sa pagtuon.  

Ro Prohekto BASA nagtao sa mga estudyante it mga libro ag mga materyalis sa pagtuon nga magamit nanda sa rayang bag-o nga pamaagi it pagtinueon-an. Nagtao man it  mga nga istante para sa mga libro sa laybrari it eskuylahan  agud maibutang it maayos ag sa tama nga bueotangan ro mga libro. Dugang pa kara, may gintao man nga e-books nga mabuksan paagi sa Google Drive ag raya hay pwede nga magamit it mga estudyante ag mga manogturo.

Bukon eang it mga estudyante ro makabenepisyo it rayang Prohekto BASA, kundi ro mga ginikanan man. Tungod ro mga ginikanan hay mabahoe ro andang papel sa rayang bag-ong pamaagi it pagtinueon-an, ro mga libro nga gindonar hay makabulig gid para sa pagtuon it mga eskuyla sa andang panimaeay.

Ku nagtaliwan nga Turn-Over Ceremony, ro General Parent-Teacher Association President naghambae, “Rayang mga ginbaton nga mga libro hay sigurado gid nga mabahoe ro maibulig sa pagturo namon sa among mga estudyante sa  panimaeay. Tungod kami hay bukon it mga propesyonal sa pagturo, malisod para kamon umpisa ku nagtaliwan nga dag-on nga magbulig sa among mga estudyante sa ginatawag nga distance learning. Pero ro Mahae nga Ginuo nagtao katon it grasya. Ro Rotaract Club it Kalibo and Project BASA hay sabat it Ginuo sa among mga pangamuyo.”

Eabaw sa tanan, ro komunidad it Loreto N. Nedic National High School hay mainit ro pagbaton ag eubos ro pagpasaeamat  sa prohekto ngara. Suno kay Cyvel N. Ningal, Officer -in-Charge it eskuylahan, “Kami hay nagapasaeamat sa rayang kahigayunan nga makabaton it rayang benepisyo it Prohekto BASA. Ro mga libro ag istante it libro nga inyong gindonar hay may mayad nga  epekto sa eskuylahan ag makabulig sa estudyante nga mangin mayad  ag may ikasarang sa pangkalibutanon nga paghangkat.  Abu gid nga saeamat sa pagpili it among eskuylahan ag kabay nga abu pa nga kabuhi ro inyong matabing sa inyong katutom ag kaalwan.”

Rayang prohekto hay owa nahimo kon owa ro pagsuporta, pagkamabuot, ag pagiging madinumdumon ku mga isponsor ag nagdonar. Raya nagapamatuod nga ro Diyos, nagapadaea it anang mga anghel sa mga tawong nagapangayo it andang mga kinahangeanon.  

Ro Prohekto BASA nagtao it pageaum sa mga eskuyla nga maabu pa ro andang mahimo gamit ro mga materyalis sa pagtuon nga andang nabaton. Raya hay nagbukas it panibag-ong pwertahan it oportunidad sa mga eskuyla nga nagapangatubang sa paghangkat nga ginhimo it pandemya nga COVID-19. Nagatao raya it inspirasyon para magpadayon it pagtuon ag maghugod pa para sa andang paeaabuton.

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