RAC Makati: A Legacy of Service, Leadership, and Impact

By Belle Ashley Macalintal | Posted on September 23, 2023

The Rotaract Club of Makati emerges as a distinguished light within the vibrant tapestry of Rotaract District 3830, with a history of service that resonates well beyond its borders. The club has established its name not only on the local scene but also onto the grand canvas of national recognition, proudly adorned with the prestigious GEAR Awards for the whole Philippine Rotaract and Excellence Award Level 5, the highest honour attainable and a distinction specific to RAC Makati within the district. The club is an embodiment of passion, dedication, and impactful initiatives.

The club fosters strong connections among members, encouraging lifelong friendships. It serves as a space for Rotaractors to come together, forming relationships beyond service projects. This camaraderie creates a positive atmosphere, inspiring commitment to the club’s goals. Through diverse community programs, the club showcases its flexibility, even though it faces challenges such as member engagement due to busy schedules. The reliance on Rotary International’s support brings both benefits and limitations, striking a balance between community impact and administrative constraints.

The culminating activity of “UBER Kaizen: Road to Overall Wellness” took place beside the picturesque Caliraya Lake in Laguna

By harnessing its strengths and addressing its weaknesses, the organization has this 3 successfully developed outstanding projects: 

  1. The “UBER” project is a unique and sustainable club service initiative that goes beyond conventional fellowship activities. It aims to foster camaraderie while cultivating leadership skills and teamwork among Rotaractors. Notably, the “UBER Podcast” and “UBER Kaizen: Road to Overall Wellness” are remarkable components. The podcast involved exploring leadership principles and applying them practically. The “UBER Kaizen” focused on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness, resulting in improved camaraderie, leadership, and holistic well-being among participants.
  2. “BETTER” is a flagship professional development project, focused on enhancing Rotaractors’ skills and fostering growth. It invites experts to share insights, catalyzing personal and professional advancement. Over time, BETTER has evolved into diverse programs spanning various domains, boosting participants’ confidence, skills, and contributions to society. From photography to business ownership, BETTER’s impactful journey demonstrates a commitment to continuous empowerment and well-rounded growth among Rotaractors, leaving a positive imprint on both individuals and the community.

The timeline of BETTER’s evolution showcases its commitment to enhancing Rotaractors’ potential:

2010: BETTER Teacher
2011: BETTER Web Developer
2012: BETTER Seminar on Basic Photography

2014: BETTER Photographer
2016: BETTER Career

2019: BETTER Speaker
2020: BETTER Successful Business Owner 2021: BETTER Voter
2022: BETTER Affiliates

The theme of RAC Makati for the Imagine Rotary year was “Nurturing Individuals with Courage and Optimism towards Leadership and Excellence,” (this was formulated based on the acronym of the president’s first name.)
  1. “EskweLAKBAY” for Basic Education and Literacy, aiding students from public schools through free tutorial sessions and learning materials. This initiative, already transforming lives in multiple locations, aims to expand its reach nationally to combat illiteracy. With distinct programs like tutorial sessions, book donations, community engagement, skills sharing, and creative fundraising, EskweLAKBAY fosters empowerment and collaboration. The program’s impact is evident in boosting struggling learners’ confidence and bridging educational gaps, embodying community-driven education reform and promising a brighter educational landscape.
The Rotaract Club of Makati organized a fun run event at CCP Grounds Pasay during the opening ceremony of UBER Kaizen Phase 1: Physical Wellness.

Aside from its projects, The Rotaract Club of Makati has consistently developed leaders who extend their support beyond the club. Members actively contribute to District 3830, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO, and Rotary International, holding officer positions, including Past District Rotaract Representatives and MDIO chairs. The club’s core goal is to serve the broader Rotaract community by empowering members for leadership roles and fostering growth in Rotaract at different levels.

For the FIFTH consecutive year, the Rotaract Club of Makati was honored with the highest excellence distinction

With a promising outlook, Rotaract Club of Makati envisions an exciting future in the term of Hope Creating Year. Our plans span enhancing existing projects and introducing new initiatives aligned with the 7 areas of focus. Effective planning and member involvement are emphasized for successful project implementation. We believe meticulous planning combined with dedicated members is crucial for goal achievement. With these principles, we’re confident in making a lasting impact in our community and beyond. Truly, RAC MAKATI ROCKS!

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