Shining Bright for 15 Years: Celebrating the Crystal Milestone of Excellence

By Danielle Marie Felix and JN. Vianney Dagandan | Posted on August 13, 2023

Fifteen years of dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence—this is a remarkable milestone worth celebrating. The journey of Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente has been filled with shining moments, accomplishments, and a lasting impact on the community. As we commemorate this crystal milestone of excellence, let us reflect on the transformative journey that has brought us here and the significant contributions we have made.

Tell us what’s the strengths and weaknesses of your club?

The club’s strengths lie in its people and all who work towards its success; we have a harmonious partnership with our sponsoring mother club, and this connection has given us a model for our own team’s support and camaraderie towards one another. We continue to foster our relationships with each other through our fellowship activities and scheduled meetings, giving each member the opportunity to speak up and share ideas. Our past presidents and officers continue to show support for the club as well, going so far as to extend their own time and effort to support our programs.

However, the culture of bonded excellence we share also has its own set of constraints. Realistically speaking, a club composed of working professionals and students makes it difficult for some to make time due to their personal commitments. It’s a limitation that our club respects fully, and we do not hold it against our members as we all have lives outside of our responsibilities to the club.

The clubs 15th Club Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

What made your club unique from other organizations? 

Our club is unique because we specifically cater to young adults who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. We provide a platform for young leaders to develop their skills, expand their networks, and engage in service projects that address local and global challenges while also emphasizing the values of service, friendship, and professional development. This is a club that creates a supportive environment for young individuals to grow personally and contribute meaningfully to society, and since community activities are at our core, we do focus on projects that play to the strengths of the people working on them. We trust in our members’ expertise, and we give them full support as they ideate and reach their full potential through their proposed efforts, making them pillars of the club in their own rights through their contributions.

What are the top three best projects of your club? And share how it made an impact on the community?

The best projects of our club would be EDUCARE, a Basic Education and Literacy advocacy of the club, and two other projects focused on disease prevention and treatment: Help.Net, which was a series of mental health webinars carried out during the pandemic era, and OPLAN Dasig, has the primary goal of helping individuals undergoing with trauma induced stress brought by the onslaught of the SP Odette. Both wellness projects were shortlisted during the TAYO Awards for their respective years of launching. All three made an impact on the community because the efforts were focused on building others from all walks of life up, and the projects themselves were not meant to be one-and-done events. They were all created with the goal of creating a lasting effect through the learning opportunities provided within the series of activities that took place.

What do you think is the best recognition your club received during its existence?

The best recognition that our club has received throughout the years would be where we stand now; it’s been 15 years of harnessing strengths, overcoming challenges, and building a legacy within our district. Everything else that the club has garnered, recognitions and awards particularly, have all been icing on the cake.

How many club members do you have? When was the charter date?

The club is composed of 15 active members and the charter date was March 6, 2009.

As a club, how’s the relationship among members? 

In an ideal scenario, our club fosters a positive and supportive environment among its members. The club members often develop close friendships, trust, and mutual respect as they work together on projects, attend meetings and social events, and collaborate in leadership roles. We try to maintain the club’s culture of friendship as much as possible, but evidently there will be some outliers that we exert additional effort upon.

Awarding of new Rotaract Paul Harris Fellows during the Rotary Discon 2023

What are your biggest contributions to the Rotaract World? 

Rotaract clubs contribute to the Rotaract world by actively engaging in service projects that align with the Rotary International’s areas of focus, which include promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, supporting education, and more. Additionally, Rotaract clubs participate in district and international conferences, collaborate with other Rotaract clubs, and contribute to global initiatives such as fundraising for The Rotary Foundation’s humanitarian efforts. Albeit quite a small club compared to others, we were able to donate 1535 USD to the Rotary Foundation; split between the Annual Fund and the End Polio Fund. The club has also produced 4 new Paul Harris Fellows and 1 Paul Harris Fellow +1.

What are the future plans of your club? And how do you execute projects?

The future plans of our Rotaract club are not fully set in stone, and will change depending on the goals and aspirations of our members. However, we are already looking into the possibility of expanding our service projects, increasing membership and engagement, developing new leadership initiatives, fostering partnerships with local organizations, and participating in international service trips. As we look towards the future, and the uncertainties that come with it, our team has agreed to focus on the bigger picture, where we can identify the needs of our fellow Filipinos and ameliorate key issues in our communities.

Kick – off project of the club together with other NGO’s last July 15 where 140 benefecairies successfully circimsided and 40 benefeciaried where there tooth extracted

The crystal milestone signifies a journey that has been shaped by shared strengths, unity, and unwavering commitment, and our club proudly looks back on the past with gratitude and forward to the future with excitement.The Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente has harnessed the expertise of past presidents, fostered fruitful partnerships, and nurtured fellowship among its members. 

While facing challenges head-on, the club has shattered perceptions, leveraged growth opportunities, and created a lasting impact within the community. As we celebrate this milestone, we keep in mind that the brilliance of our achievements, the impact we have made, and the legacy we leave behind are testaments to our unwavering dedication to excellence. 

With renewed passion and collective efforts, we embark on the next chapter, shining even brighter and hoping to create a lasting impact for years to come.

Let us continue to build upon our strengths, address weaknesses with resilience, and illuminate the path ahead with a renewed commitment to excellence and service.

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