Northerners: Service, Excellence and Leadership

By Joy Ann Ardiente | Posted on January 16, 2022

Service, Excellence and Leadership. Three words that the Rotaract Club Bacolod North stood by as our foundation. Chartered in April 8, 1976 with the strong support from its Mother Club – the Rotary Club of Bacolod North, RACBN started humbly with 15 members who envisioned to imprint change in their community. Over the years, the club was able to increase membership and proudly housed four of the District 3850’s Past District Rotaract Representatives. Currently, by the numbers, RACBN has 48 members all who are focused in establishing a lasting presence in the community through the implementation of projects anchored in Rotary’s ideal of “Service above Self”. 

The strong bond in our club is seemingly one of the greatest assets that we have. Inclusivity and the great regard for family has been our cornerstone why our club moved from organizational relationship to familial relationship which has led tremendous learning and growth for all of us. Diverse membership, being passionate, a clear vision, being data and result oriented, a strong leadership foundation and an all-out support from our mother club were some of the things which we see as strengths of our club. 

This Project Pashield took place in Sipalay and Hinobaan where the distribution of the PPE (Face masks and Face Shields) were spearheaded by RACBN’s community partner (PNP). The beneficiaries for this distribution are the Tricycle and Trisikad Drivers.

 Out of these strengths and opportunities sprung three of our flagship projects namely: The TriHealth Mission (which ran for 12 years already), Project 100 Happiness (in its 6th year) and Viridi Mundi (on its 4th).

This is the third year of Viridi Mundi and was participated by various student leaders and community partners of Bacolod North across the province and took place in Punta Taytay, Bacolod City.

These projects were able to impact the community in the aspect of healthcare needs, environmental conservation and the regard for the community.

The Medical and Dental Health Mission as a part of the Tri-health mission was held last June 2019 at Brgy 1, Bacolod City were in the team served a total of 100 beneficiaries for Optha Consultation and Reading Glass Distribution, 150 beneficiaries for Medical Consultation (including pedia) and 85 residents who availed the Dental Mission.

The Tri-health mission composed of a Dental, Medical and Surgical (Tuli) was able to deliver free healthcare service to different communities in Negros Occidental covering approximately 1000 and more beneficiaries every event. This project answers the need for adequate, quality and free healthcare programs which are not normally available to our underserved brothers and sisters.  

The first ever Project 100 Happiness opened its doors to the 100 kids with the joint efforts of 100 volunteers in 888 Chinatown Square Activity Area last October 2016.

Project 100 Happiness on the other hand runs on the concept of the power of 100. For each of its activity years, this project has different theme ranging to providing happiness to kids through a Rotaract Party to providing school-aged kids with hygiene kits to gifting aeta kids with new footwears and gears to conquering Negros Occidental through our Pa-shield activity (Face shield distribution throughout Negros Island). Project 100 became a trademark for each year that was added to the club. By this project, people were opened to the concept of modern “bayanihan”, an act which Filipinos are known for. Lastly, Viridi Mundi is our annual pledge to mother earth to plant at least 1000 mangrove seedlings along with our partners in an answer to the need for reforestation. With Viridi Mundi, little by little, the community is made aware of the importance of mangroves and the preservation of the environment.  

Among the recognitions we have received, the greatest was the appreciation given by our adopted community. Our club does not really care about awards, the mere fact that we have served, inspired and made an impact on the community is enough. 

The biggest contribution we have made is in the healthcare sector. Most of our projects were driven to this area since most of us came from the healthcare sector. Our future plans are still rooted on our foundation of Service, excellence and leadership. 

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