What 23 RACCF-USC Officers Are Wishing This Holiday Season

By Rieko Maria Diaz | Posted on January 16, 2022

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing–here and there, gifts are exchanged. We become so happy when we receive the things we wished for, whether given by our parents, friends, someone special, or from our hard-earned money. But more often than not, the wishes we have in our hearts goes beyond the material things. And as we all grow older, we realize that the things that truly matter in life are the friendships, relationships, time, memories and experiences we have. 

Below, the 23 Life-Changing Officers of the Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente-University of San Carlos describe their wishes this Christmas as they answer a simple question: If someone could grant you a wish and had the power to make it come true, what would you wish for this Christmas?

Louie Jaminal, President

“Maybe, I would wish to have answers to my questions so I can finally fill in the vacuum in my heart. I wish for genuine happiness and fulfillment.”

Bea Remedio, Executive Vice President

“I wish for the COVID-19 pandemic to end, so that things can go back to the way they used to be and the front liners all over the world can spend more time with their families this Christmas.”

Christianna Sun, Vice President – Downtown Campus

Christianna’s Lolo Julio and Lola Sylvia.
Popsie Ciceron posing for a photo.

“For Christmas, I wish to see in my dreams my grandparents (Popsie Ciceron, Lolo Julio, and Lola Sylvia) who have passed away. Popsie Ciceron passed away before I was born so I have never met him, but I wish I did. Both Lolo Julio and Lola Sylvia passed away recently, and it would be my family’s first Christmas without them. I hope my family also gets good dreams with them in it.”

Kiara Largo, Executive Secretary

“For everyone in the entire world to not be and/or feel alone in celebrating Christmas simply because we deserve to have someone to share this momentous season of the year with.”

Abigail Ybanez, Internal Secretary

 “I wish that everyone can find peace this Christmas. The past years spent in quarantine have been immensely difficult for everybody, so I hope that this Christmas, they at least find some reprieve and joy. To breathe just a little bit easier.”

Jysrielle Paderes, External Secretary 

Jysrielle and her adventures.

“I would wish for the lifting of travel restrictions. As someone who loves going to places and travelling for therapy, it has been really difficult and boring. Without travelling, I am unable to learn about more important things in life and appreciate different cultures, visiting landmarks that have been mentioned in history books, seeing artifacts in museums, and eating unique delicacies…”

Emerey Mendez, Executive Treasurer

Emerey’s prized K-pop merchandise collection.

“Go to BTS, TXT, and Enhypen’s (Korean boy bands) concert.” 

Edison Amodia, Assistant Treasurer

Edison and his friends in Cebu.

“To be able to be with my friends back in Cebu next year.”

Phoebe Pangilinan, Auditor

“Have lesser worries for the present and for the future so that I won’t dwell much in the past, feel held back by the present, and not fear the future.”

Hannah Diez, Assistant Auditor

“If there’s a wish I’d like to make then it would be the complete healing of all people experiencing different forms of pain and suffering. This includes putting an end to the pandemic that greatly affected everyone.”

Ciara Loo, Executive Public Relations Officer

“Although this sounds very cliché, I would wish for world hunger and poverty to end. Every person deserves to eat and live comfortably with proper homes, and this is something that many people in marginalized communities lack.”

Rieko Diaz, Assistant Public Relations Officer

Rieko and her family last Christmas 2020.

“For all of us to celebrate Christmas this year together. My eldest brother, who’s an OFW nurse in Saudi Arabia, planned to come home this Christmas after many years of not celebrating Christmas in the Philippines, but it got cancelled because of the super duper increase in airplane fare.”

Mea Macarayo, Club Service Director – Downtown Campus

Mea studying out in a cafe back in high school.

“Academic and career success as well as financial stability. I want my hard work to pay off and for me to be able to share more blessings with others.”

DM Onate, Club Service Director – Talamban Campus

“Let the pandemic end so that we can gather and celebrate Christmas.”

Arnel Yburan, Community Service Director

“A feeding program for street children.”

Bianca Go, International Club Director

Bianca and her friends in Junior High School.

“I would like to see everyone from my Junior High School barkada in one place. After Junior high, my friends and I went to different schools with some going to colleges outside the city. Because of this and everyone’s busy schedules, we weren’t able to meet for a long time.”

Marian Dacalos, Finance Director

“Honestly, I just want this pandemic to end and go back to our normal lives. It’s the best Christmas gift that people will receive this Christmas.”

MJ Franco, Spiritual and Professional Development 

“Oh, I’d wish for a lot of things: for the pandemic to end, for me to see my friends again, for me to be healed from all my mental and physical problems, for me and my family to break down the barriers that have kept us from being “closer” together. I hope that things will work out in the end.”

Gerald Ponce, Public Image Director

“All I want for Christmas is for us to go back to the normal way of life and see people being united, giving love and sharing kindness to everyone. Also, I wish that there will be more blessings to come so I can share more to those in need.”

Alyana Patano, Environmental Director

“Happier Christmas for all of the frontliners that are tired.”

Kayla Torres, Socio-Cultural Director

“For everyone to be genuinely happy despite the hardships.”

Serge Enriquez, Graphics Director

“Inner peace. I think what I need most right now is something that can stabilize my thoughts and feelings.”

Jeallaine Bautista, Documentation Director

“I wish that everyone who wants their wishes to come true will come true. I want them to be happy.”

The RACCF-USC officers having a good laugh during one of their Getting-To-Know-You activities. 

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