Dream-Building: Empowering Young Minds through Education and Dreams

By Jayson Monte de Ramos | Posted on August 13, 2023

On July 1, 2023, the Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit took the lead in an inspiring initiative called RACabalikat, as part of the annual multi-district conglomerate project to commemorate the New Rotary Year. Focusing on Rotary’s Areas of Focus of Basic Education and Literacy, the club spearheaded the iEducate segment project, benefiting thirty-five (35) students from grade 1-3 at Lagadlarin and Olo-Olo Elementary School in Lobo, Batangas.

Teacher-Rotaractor Jescy actively engages in the sharing of her students’ dreams during the Focus Group Discussion.

The iEducate project encompassed three (3) primary objectives aimed at making a lasting impact on the young learners. Firstly, the Rotaractors provided much-needed school supplies, ensuring that the students had the necessary tools for their education. Additionally, the project aimed to inspire and ignite their imaginations through the art of storytelling. Teacher-Rotaractor Ella captivated the children through a story-telling with the tale of “Ang Munting Lawin,” a story about a bird who overcomes its fear of flying.
In an effort to nurture the children’s dreams, the project organized a Focus Group Discussion. Divided into groups led by two (2) facilitators each, the students engaged in thoughtful conversations about their aspirations and goals. This exercise encouraged them to reflect on their dreams, fostering a sense of purpose and ambition.

Rotaractor President Bright, a future engineer, from the Rotaract Club of Paraiso, selflessly volunteered for the segment project and generously lent his phone to a student during the segment project. The student used the phone to draw a picture of himself wearing safety gear, expressing his dream of becoming an engineer, just like President Bright.
Despite the limited availability of armchairs, this student refuses to let it hinder her active participation in the activity. Her determination serves as a powerful representation of someone who possesses a dream and is unwavering in her pursuit of it, even in the face of challenges.

As part of the dream-building activity and aligned with this year’s Rotary Theme, “Create Hope in the World,” the children were encouraged to illustrate their dreams through drawings. This visual representation allowed them to vividly imagine and visualize their desired future paths. By instilling hope and empowering the children to believe in their dreams, the Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit aimed to create a positive and lasting impact on their lives.

As the students proudly displayed their drawings, it was evident that each artwork represented a dream they aspired to pursue. A significant number of students expressed their desire to become teachers, police officers, or soldiers, reflecting the prominent roles these professions play in their local community. This observation highlights the profound impact our environment has on a child’s growth and development.

Through RACabalikat, the Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit exemplified the power of education and dreams, providing the students with the necessary tools, inspiration, and encouragement to embark on a journey of learning and personal growth. By investing in these young minds, the club aimed to create a brighter future for the children and the community as a whole.

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