Tuklas: Financial Wellness Webinar Series (Smart Habits and Behavior)

By Angelica May Salazar | Posted on January 8, 2022

With the ongoing global health crisis that we are experiencing, one of the common factors of stress for many people is financial stability. Because of the status of the economy, many people experienced losing jobs or for some who are still employed full time, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the future of work and the economy will be like. To help the members grow and be more knowledgeable about financial health, the Rotaract Club of Dasmariñas City recently launched its first part of the Financial Wellness Series entitled Tuklas: Financial Wellness (Smart Habits and Behavior). 

The said webinar discussed the steps towards financial freedom and money mistakes that an individual should avoid. Together with Mr. John Derrick Ordoñez, a Field Manager from Sun Life of Canada Philippines, the webinar participants were able to familiarize with managing their finances right, as well as preparing for the expected and unexpected situations in the future. 

The speaker also shared the common mistakes that people in their twenties should avoid in terms of time management, financial health, and planning for the future. During the said discussion, participants were also able to share some of the common and relatable mistakes in decision making which made the webinar more engaging and fun.

After the discussion, the participants were allowed to ask questions which the speaker answered gracefully. The webinar was followed with its usual E-Kumustahan with the members.

To be able to develop an in-depth learning about financial wellness, the Rotaract Club of Dasmariñas City aims to organize the next parts of this webinar series with various topics. Following the first part, Tuklas: Financial Wellness webinar series part two will discuss the Stock Market.

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