RAC-First Inspiring Spearheads Project Tabang for Mangyan Tribes in Occidental Mindoro

By John Louis Benito and Carmen Antoinette Jingco | Posted on February 7, 2022

Economic and social regressions were experienced by different sectors of our society especially in urban and industrialized areas during the pandemic. 

LCP John Louis Benito of RAC-First Inspiring and LCP Vincent Jeremy Sosa of RCKE appearing on LCP Tanya Gomez’s SERBISYONG ROTARIAN, an Online Radio Show on Channel 31 News Online last October 2, 2021. LCP Benito discussed and promoted Project Tabang.

These regressions are doubled on far flung areas that are in such a state even before the pandemic hits but are now further exacerbated by the latter. One such case would be the state of Mangyan Tribes in the province of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro. Therefore, once the Rotaract Club of First Inspiring (RAC-First Inspiring), a Rotaract Club within R.I. District 3780, finds an opportunity through a social media post calling for help for the Mangyans, a need for action is quickly realized.

RAC-First Inspiring, together with the assistance of its sponsoring club, the Rotary Club of Kamuning East (RCKE) and local Pastor Jonathan Robles with his local church team, initiates the first phase of PROJECT TABANG; A Relief Project for the Mangyan People of Occidental Mindoro on the dates of September 30, October 1 and October 4, 2021. The group organized a set of relief goods operations to distribute rice, powdered milk, sardines and salt to at least 100 Iraya and Alangan Mangyan tribe families thus far in Sta. Cruz Occidental Mindoro. 

Photos of Mangyan tribe members together with Pastor Jonathan Robles (center left holding the tarpaulin) that received goods on the first day of Phase One of Project Tabang.

Overall, the project will be divided into three phases; (1) Phase 1: Relief Goods and Food Distribution, (2) Phase 2: Clothing Donations and (3) Phase 3: Medicinal and Technological Items. A teamwork of overall management and fundraising from RAC-First Inspiring, logistics support from RCKE and distribution coordination from Pastor Robles’s team was plotted in an action framework to ensure the success of the project.

PROJECT TABANG was prepared in a tedious manner for a month that required needs-assessment through online communication and a lot of publicity to garner funds before and during its enactment. It included a radio appearance of the club with RCKE in order to publicize and garner public support for the project in LCP Tanya Gomez’s SERBISYONG ROTARIAN Online Radio Program on Channel 31 News Online. 

Photos of Mangyan tribe members that received goods on the second day of Phase One of Project Tabang through the effort of Pastor Jonathan Robles and his team.

The first phase was divided into five days as some of the sites for distribution require for the organizers to cross rivers and climb mountains. Through the help of Pastor Robles and his team, our fellow Mangyans were given relief goods that were assured to enscope their basic needs. The remaining 2 days shall be conducted on the upcoming dates.

RAC- First Inspiring continuously accepts donations for PROJECT TABANG in preparation for the upcoming phases which would be in November and December 2021. Furthermore, this project will serve as a “trampoline project” aimed as an introduction for other long term projects for the community to ensure sustainable help and development through our efforts and presence.

Photos of Mangyan tribe members that received goods on the third day of Phase One of Project Tabang through the effort of Pastor Jonathan Robles and his team.


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