Imagining a Better World: A Take on the Rotary International Theme for 2022-2023

By Reycent Danielle Valdez | Posted on February 1, 2022

Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference. You don’t imagine yesterday, you imagine tomorrow.” – Jennifer Jones, RI President-Elect 2021-2023

RIPE Jennifer Jones revealing the new Rotary Presidential Theme for 2022-2023, Imagine Rotary, during her address at the Rotary International Assembly held last January 20, 2022.

Last January 20, 2022 (Manila), the Rotary International held an International Assembly to unveil the new Presidential Theme and Logo for the Rotary Year 2022-2023. Rotaract clubs all over the Philippines tuned in to know next year’s guiding maxim.

Revealed by none other than Rotary International President-Elect Jennifer Jones from Canada–who will make history as Rotary International’s first female President–the theme for this year will be Imagine Rotary, focusing on imagining betterment for ourselves, our community, and the world. The theme is also giving emphasis on dreaming big and utilizing the power of Rotary to make those dreams a reality.

The Rotary Presidential Theme for 2022-2023: IMAGINE ROTARY.

The word imagine might be a simple word for some people. A word that we use to see the things we want in our minds. A word that gives us a little push. But for RIPE Jennifer Jones, she would want all of us to imagine big dreams and fulfilling them. She wants us to create a better world using our imagination and act on it. Who would have thought that a single word can be a Rotary theme?

The new Rotary Presidential theme for 2022-2023 is more than just its meaning. It is an action. Something that we all need to mark in our minds and our hearts and something that we should work hard for. Imagine Rotary is imagining what the future upholds and what it will feel like to live in a better world through Rotary and Rotaract action. 

We are here to serve and change lives, but always remember that our minds can also be a powerful asset in order for us to fulfil what Rotary stands for. 

Click here to download the Imagine Rotary theme logo and materials.

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