The Power of the Youth Vote (Part 1)

By Roland Leonillo | Posted on September 15, 2021

As the countdown to the May 2022 national election draws near, various organizations undertake several initiatives on voters’ education such as talks and webinars to educate the Filipino Youth on the importance of exercising their right to suffrage and to select the next breed of the country’s leaders. This emphasizes that the youth are the ambassadors of goodwill and catalysts of positive change. With their collective efforts and power to transform the nation, their active participation in political processes is crucial and highly impactful.

Thousands of youth leaders including Rotaractors are advocating good governance, democracy and social responsibility. In this story, let’s hear some thoughts from dynamic Rotaract leaders from different districts.


Metro Cebu – CIT University Chapter

As first time voter, what are you looking forward as you ink your vote in the next elections?

As first time voter, I look forward to seeing competent and capable individuals raise the standard and take the challenge of leading our country. Furthermore, I am very hopeful to see fellow youth like me to exercise the right to vote this coming elections. 

Any advice to our youth voters?

Don’t hesitate to cast your votes for the right people. Check their track record, research on their platforms, and explore their attitude towards transparency and governance. A simple vote during the elections can decide our fate for the next three to six years.


Rotaract Club of Marapara

What are the problems of the society that need to be addressed by the next pool of leaders?

The Philippines is now facing pressing issues on healthcare, economy, national safety and security, education, corruption, and climate.

The next government officials should address, in particular, the problems on healthcare amid COVID-19 pandemic; bad economy, unemployment, poverty, and overpopulation; increased crime rates, drugs, territorial disputes and press freedom; inefficient education system; unending corruption in the government; and issues on waste management, environmental degradation and climate change.

With these challenges, the general well-being of the Filipinos is at stake; hence, the next deserving leaders of the country must possess the competence to take immediate action.

What do you think will be the great contributions of the youth in this coming election?

In the upcoming elections, the youth will frontline democracy by voting for the right leaders—who are effective and efficient, who possess integrity and excellence, who follow the rule of law, who are transparent and accountable, and who are responsive to the immediate needs of the Filipinos.

We, the Filipino youths, must work together for the welfare of our fellow youths, for our community and for the Philippines! 


Rotaract Club of Rizal Centro

What do you think will be the great contributions of the youth in this coming election? 

To make a difference in the system of our country, it is essential that young people are engaged in political processes and have their own opinion for the sake of the future generation being involed in politics is being aware and concerned for building stable and peaceful society. The voice of our youth is powerful because they can be creative force and a resource of innovation.

Any advice to our youth voters?

To our youth voters, do not vote for a certain man just because other men do. Think about it before you vote. Think of a party or individual that has the purest and most progressive record. There are still honest, patriotic and good people who wanted to serve our country.


Rotaract Youth Batangueno

What do you think will be the great contributions of the youth in this coming election?

I strongly believe that the youth has the power to elect a good leader through casting their votes and making sure that they are registered voter specially for the upcoming 2022 election. We have to use our voices to influence and educate the people in exercising their right to vote and choose the best candidate who fits in the position. 

What do you think are the good qualities of a good politician?

Good qualities the politician should possess the 3Ms of DILG. These are Matino, Mahusay, at Maaasahan.


Rotaract Club of Filipino Young Leaders

What are the problems of the society that need to be addressed by the next pool of leaders?

There are a lot of problems that the next pool of leaders need to address. However, poverty, which causes violence and conflict, should be their first priority. Although fighting poverty demands intensive planning, serious implementation, resources, and time, its success would be a giant leap towards a much better society.

What do you think are the good qualities of a good politician?

For me, a good politician is competent and patriotic. Being solely competent or solely patriotic is not enough. A great leader is competent enough to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to help the society, and is patriotic enough to properly implement programs that are beneficial to our society and its people

Voters’ education is vital as other issues in the society today. In the upcoming elections, as eligible voters, let’s take our part by voting leaders with integrity and genuine heart for public service and make a decision reflectively that will benefit the citizens and our country in the long run.

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