Sailing District 3790 through DRR Fielson’s effective leadership

By Elyrose Naorbe | Posted on September 19, 2021

Being a leader is a tough job. You need to make sure that your organization is active about doing selfless service to the community. But this responsibility requires a lot of time. Because you’re not only leading the organization, but also moulding your members to become leaders also. 

But despite all the challenges brought by COVID-19, DRR Fielson remains tougher and is ready to serve and change lives of Rotaractors in District 3790. 

I got the chance to throw series of questions to him and we had a productive conversation. 

How long have you been in Rotaract? 

Officially, I’ve been in Rotaract for seven years, but I already joined the organization eleven years ago.

Tell me about your Rotaract journey? 

During my stay inside the academy, an upperclassman of mine introduced the Rotary International to us, the same time that the organization was introduced to my mother outside the academy. At first, I don’t want to join because the way it was introduced to us is more of like paying big number of dues. As a student, I don’t have that huge amount of money. I am active in our community before I entered the academy and for me, I can be in an organization to help the community even without paying that huge sum of money. I am not aware of Rotaract before until I went out during shore leave. Rotaract was introduced to me by my sister, PDRR Shean and my cousin, PP Kenneth. They explained to me what Rotaract is and as an active leader, I immediately joined the organization.

In your stay in Rotaract, what are the perks and advantages of being one? 

There are plenty of advantages in being a Rotaractor and one of it is having plenty of opportunities. As a Rotaractor I had received so many open doors for me to grow deeper in terms of leadership skills. The organization helped me channel my strategy in handling great responsibility in serving the community. I was able to go places, both local and international. Meet new people; learn from diversity and so many more. Through Rotaract I had a chance to connect with different people that widens my range of connection. I find it a great privilege in amplifying our one true goal in Rotaract which is to serve to change lives. I personally grow in so many aspects in my life with the help of this organization.

What are the struggles you’ve experienced and how did you conquer it? 

As a Rotaractor and at the same time an active seafarer by profession, time plays a huge role in my life. I sail from one time zone towards another, and it is undeniably challenging to keep my phase in terms of fulfilling my duties and responsibilities as a seafarer and at the same time as a Rotaractor. That is why I always set my priorities; I plot each task to assure that I do not miss out a single thing. And most importantly, I plan and prepare ahead. Because I believe when things are planned; not only we save time, but we also become productive and successful in all that the things that we do. Time management, versatility and flexibility are also a key on how I manage to conquer these kinds of challenges.

Who motivated you to join Rotaract? 

I am very fond in the saying “everything starts in the family”. My family is my first and foremost inspiration in so many aspects in life. This also includes ROTARACT. At a very young age, my parents had opened my eyes into the world of SERVING THE COMMUNITY. I was inspired with the thought that we are a ROTARY FAMILY. Nothing is more fulfilling than extending help, service, and being a blessing to those who are in need. And it makes it even more fulfilling when you do these things together with the people that you love.

What advice do you want to pass on to the new members of Rotaract? 

Rotaract is fun!  Aside from meeting new people from different places and aside from the fellowships that we share; the projects we conduct are always significant and timely in making a change not just to the community, not just to our nation but also to the whole wide world. In line with this, I can say that Rotaract is a purpose finding organization. Being part of it already makes you a world changer.  We must be reminded that SERVICE must be genuine or pure. And as a Rotaractor we are here to serve with our whole hearts for the benefit of others and not for our own interest. I want to remind our aspiring Rotaractors that we are all leaders. We are all skilled, talented, and driven. I personally believe each one of you will do ten times greater in serving to change lives for a better future and for a better world. 

What’s the highlight of your Rotaract life? 

For me, every moment in my Rotaract journey is a highlight. I want to cherish all my memories in Rotaract from the very beginning up to this date. But there is a one Rotaract experience that I will never forget. And that is when we conducted a book donation on a day care center.  It was the first Club’s community service I participated. It is still vivid in my head, the joy and excitement of every child as we read aloud stories from the Children’s big books. From that very moment I felt the fulfilment of joy in what we do. Being able to spread the love, kindness and a simple help to others and being appreciated by those who we attend to is just so much. The time we consumed, the effort we put , and the preparations we allotted for this project was paved away by just making these people happy. As we end our event, one kid approached me saying “salamat po kuya, sobrang masaya po kami. Kelan po ulit kayo babalik?”. For me it was just a simple project. But for these little kids; it is living their best lives already. This day is remarkable for me. Because this was the day, I found my purpose to serve and change lives. These kids were hoping for a better place full of wonders. And they longed for people like me, for Rotaractors like US. That is why I am always reminded to continue giving hope for those who are faithfully believing.

For Rotary International District 3790 District Rotaract Representative Fielson Murillo, leading the whole district requires more time, especially in the middle of the pandemic. 

What are your contributions to Rotaract? 

I don’t know how to answer this, but I can give only two words, Service and Fellowship.

How’s your relationship with other Rotaractors and even Rotarians and Interactors? 

I treat my fellow Rotaractors, as well as our Rotarians and Interactors as a family. I speak openly with warmth and engage confidently to them. I find each one of them close to my heart.  With the same kind of value, and worth I see in my own family. Not to mention each name, but I truly admire these people in their determination through volunteering and service.

What’s making you stay in the organization? 

It’s my personal choice why I am still in Rotaract. I see the organization as a fulfillment of my purpose. I had always love to be a blessing even in the simplest way can. And Rotaract made me feel that I am significantly helpful in making a change to numerous numbers of lives across the world. It’s not by the pride I earn, or the name I establish in doing countless projects to the community that makes me stay. But rather it’s the joy I share and at the same time the same joy I receive when helping precious lives. I always thought that life is short and that is why I want to make use every second of it in the most meaningful way.

How are you able to mentor other members and leaders in the group?

Knowing the fact that we are transitioning to the new normal type of set-up where Physical gathering is no longer encourage if not necessary, I take full advantage with our technology with the use of virtual meetings, social media and so on. Mentoring is very essential to our members and leaders. It not just guides them but also motivates them to do more. I lend specific time to mingle with our people. I’ve always wanted them to feel belonged and to feel valued so that they can have a concrete idea that we acknowledge their hard work, and their worth. I wanted to build a strong foundation in our relationship as their mentor and as someone they can trust with through giving RAC related advice and especially a slice of life advice too.

What makes you a RacStar?

I truly believe that we all have that RacStar within us. There is nothing much special about me. And I do not differ from you. I am just a regular person. But I suppose there is just one thing in me that made me stand out to be a RacStar. And that is my passion to serve by heart. I love service differently in a way how people usually see it. As the Life Changing District Rotaract Representative of District 3790, I serve not because of the title, not because of the position, not because of the power nor the fame. For so many years being involved in Rotaract and for someone who belongs to a Rotary Family; I grew up with a concrete vision of leaving a great legacy of a big change and improvement beneficial for our people. I will never take credit on this; I want everyone to remember not my name but rather the idea that there is still hope for a better change only if you look deeper in your heart and start the movement with “YOU”. 

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