By Kristine Del Rosario Anglo & Luis Santiago P. Hidalgo II | Posted on September 26, 2021

On the 28th of August 2021, the Rotaract Club of Tiaong Transforming New Gen launched their first-ever virtual Fellowship Activity via Discord Application with a disco themed party entitled DISCORTAHAN 2021. This activity was a labor of love and dedication by the officers of the club to celebrate the Membership and New Club Development Month by the Rotary International. With the influx and interest of new members, the officers prepared this special event to gather, take a break and have fun. 

The actual Discortahan Event of Rotaract Club of Tiaong Transforming New Gen where all members and officers gathered virtually to get in touch with each other through meaningful discussions and engage in interactive games.

As the event began, there was the pressure of whether the members would enjoy the planned activities. Surprisingly, many actively participated with great efforts and won cash prizes through icebreakers which are Bring Me, KaHoot, and Singing Bee. The icebreaker games helped by getting the interest and attention of the members. After all these fun efforts, the officers were able to transition to other segments such as the Introduction of Officers. For the Presentation of the Committees, members gathered in each of their own respective voice-channel rooms within the Discord Server. From there, the committee heads prepared their own ice breakers and discussed what their committees were all about. After spending time with their groups, they gathered back to the main voice-channel room for the final segment, the Fellowship Night that lasted for hours.

The members played Bring Me wherein those who won received cash prizes sent via Gcash. Here it is highlighted that even though the members were in a virtual setting, they were still able to enjoy and have fun through the Ice breaker Games.

All attendees enjoyed it, found the event worthwhile and discovered that it’s a great alternative to conduct fellowship. Even behind the screens they can still get to know and bond with each other to escape in an alternative reality. Members stated that they really appreciated the club’s effort for doing this activity and for accommodating them all throughout. Officers also realized that this event was not just dedicated for enjoyment but served an opportunity to revitalize every member’s morale by showcasing to them that Rotaract Clubs are more than just providing service to communities. 

Here we can see the members and officers of the Rotaract Club of Tiaong Transforming New Gen bringing the essence of unity and creativity by being innovative in launching this virtual activity amidst the Pandemic. Proving that there is no hindrance to building relationships and better friendship towards each Rotaractors.

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