Peace Among the Rotary and Rotaract World with Oliver Alvarez

By Gianina Ciriaco | Posted on August 17, 2021

Rotaractors, new and seasoned, would be confronted with the challenge of taking their goals further by being a Rotarian. With the coming implementation of Elevate Rotaract and the goals of having dual citizenship or conversion to Rotary, it may feel like an overwhelming leap or could be an exciting new feat. It is good that in both organizations, you will meet many excellent mentors who will guide and prepare you for what’s to come and ensure that you are in good company, in engaging fellowships and fulfilling growth.

Our RACstar’s name surely fits him well. Oliver, which stems from olive tree, symbolizes and means peace. Whenever people say, extending an olive branch, it means you want to make peace with something or someone. In the world of Rotaract and Rotary, Oliver L. Alvarez is surely one olive branch to Rotaractors and Rotarians so both would have a better sense of shared responsibility, as he would put it. He is a seasoned Rotaractor, served as a District Rotaract Representative of District 3810 during RY 2002-2003. Throughout his Rotaract journey, he made his mark through notable initiatives such as the inaugural Pilipinas Rotaract Convention (PROCON). It’s no surprise many young Rotaractors go to him for sage advice and always an esteemed resource in Rotaract leadership and development sessions.

Let’s get to know more about Past District Rotaract Representative and Rotaract Alumni Adviser, Oliver L. Alvarez!

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