Fate Brought Me Here in Rotaract 

By Juliana Marie Mabugat | Posted on March 26, 2024

I was drawn to Rotaract and became an official member. It was a love-at-first-sight experience with no specific expectations. 

Sharing my Rotaract membership on social media led to messages from relatives recounting their own days as Rotarians. This revelation left me in awe of the vast network and opportunities that Rotary presented, prompting me to wonder if this was my destined path as a next-generation Rotaractor. 

Joining a project with my fellow Rotaractors during my first day as an official officer of the club

During my first year in Rotaract, I actively participated in almost every activity, all while managing my school workload. I realized that being a Rotaractor was molding me into someone who embodied the “Service above Self” principle, much like my Rotarian family members.

Joining the Council-wide Christmas Party and it was a really fun night

My energy and dedication propelled me to new heights as I was chosen as one of the club’s representatives for District 3860’s RYLA event in 2022. RYLA exposed me to incredible opportunities, allowing me to interact with Rotarians and fellow Rotaractors. I felt an undeniable connection to the Rotary family, as if it were in my blood. 

At Y? Cafe to hold the watch party for the MIL Series organized by Rappler and MovePH

After RYLA in 2022, I continued to embrace every opportunity that came my way, taking on roles like the Imaginative Internal Secretary and the current Hope-Creating Documentations Director. My family playfully suggested that I might become a Rotarian someday, given my commitment to Rotaract and its service.

Imaginative Officers received the ‘The Outstanding Campus Student Organization’ Award given by our university, the University of San Carlos in recognition of the events, projects, and initiatives spearheaded by the club during the academic year

After reading that text, I began to unravel how many more Rotarian relatives I have not heard or met before and am glad to be one of the next-gen Rotaractors and maybe, a Rotarian in the making – as I can contribute and share my stories. Indeed, fate brought me to Rotary.

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