Patients Live Because You Give (Blood Donation Drive)

By Jose Mari Esguerra | Posted on January 6, 2024

“What will I get from donating?”

“Does it hurt?”

“How much will a blood donor get from donating?”

These are the questions we frequently receive when inviting other people to donate blood. Advocating new blood donors and retaining donors to donate regularly has always been a challenge. Some may wonder, “Why are they paying to acquire blood even if donors donate their blood for free?” It is not the blood itself that is actually paid at blood bank centers, it is the cost of the blood tests they run to make sure that the blood is safe for transfusion. 

Aside from various health benefits, our blood is also tested for different diseases, including Hepatitis, HIV, Syphilis, Malaria, etc., and if it gets a reactive result, blood banks are also obliged to privately inform donors. For five years of partnership with a local blood bank in our province and organizing blood donation drives in our town, we are able to provide free safe blood for our Kababayans in need of transfusion.

Rtr. Jodessa Villamin, a medical technologist getting samples for blood typing from Rtr. Joko

The Rotaract Club of Cavinti was able to continuously organize its annual project: Dugtong Year 4 (Your Blood Save Lives). We are beyond grateful to all regular donors for their selflessness and continuously spreading goodness from their heart unconditionally which makes the program we do possible. By donating blood, we are improving the availability of blood for patients. It hurts a little, but being able to be part of the process of saving lives makes it absolutely worth it!

Dugtong Year 3: The Rotaract Club of Cavinti annually conducts Blood Donation Drive “Dugtong” during every Christmas Season

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