Renan Joseph P. Ortua Jr. on Forging Unity and Excellence as District Rotaract Representative of RID 3820

By Randell D. Balasan | Posted on September 20, 2023

In the heart of Rotary International District 3820, a young and dynamic leader, Renan Joseph P. Ortua Jr., is taking the helm as the District Rotaract Representative (DRR). Renan’s journey from a dedicated club member to the DRR of RID 3820 is not just a testament to his commitment to Rotaract; it’s a story of growth, dedication, and innovation. As the District Rotaract Representative, Renan brings a wealth of experience, passion, and innovative ideas to the role, setting the stage for an exciting journey of collaboration, growth, and transformation.

A Journey of Commitment and Growth

Renan’s journey in Rotaract began in 2012, and over the years, he has climbed the ladder of leadership within the organization. Currently serving as the Club Adviser at the Rotaract Club of Naga, he actively supports numerous clubs in his district by sharing his expertise in club management, membership coordination, and project execution. Renan’s mission is to foster unity among clubs, transcending geographical boundaries within District 3820.

Reflecting on his journey, Renan shares, “My first involvement with Rotaract was in 2012, and becoming a District Rotaract Representative was not even on my radar. However, I’ve had the opportunity to attend significant events and take advantage of opportunities provided by our sponsoring club, the Rotary Club of Naga. Rotaract and Rotary have provided me with platforms to demonstrate my abilities and express my true self.”

His dedication to Rotaract has led to numerous personal and professional growth opportunities. Renan’s journey has been shaped by the challenges, successes, and the ever-evolving landscape of the Rotaract community.

Gave a talk during the BLITS Program (Recruitment Program of RAC Naga)

The Motivation to Lead

Renan’s decision to apply for the position of District Rotaract Representative was not one he took lightly. Initially, his aspirations revolved around becoming the President of his club. However, an unexpected turn of events and conversations with fellow Rotaractors changed his trajectory.

“I was encouraged to apply for the DRR position because my peers recognized my refined skill set and experience in organizational management,” Renan explains. His decision was further cemented by the support of his club, close Rotaract friends, and the Rotary Club of Naga.

Taking the plunge into district leadership might have seemed daunting, but Renan’s confidence in his ability to lead and his unwavering determination to contribute to the Rotaract community propelled him forward.

A Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth

The role of District Rotaract Representative is not only an opportunity for Renan to showcase his existing skills but also a platform for continuous personal and professional growth. Renan recognizes that the challenges and experiences that come with this position will be instrumental in shaping his future.

“This opportunity serves as a springboard for further exploration of the broader range of possibilities available through the Rotary community as a whole,” he remarks. His leadership journey will encompass adaptability, effective communication, and resilience, all of which are highly valued in both personal and professional spheres.

By accepting this role, he is poised to emerge as a more adept, well-rounded, and capable individual, ready to make positive contributions not only within the Rotaract community but also in his broader personal and professional pursuits.


Leading with Resilience

One of the standout moments in Renan’s Rotaract journey was his presidency during the challenging Rotary Year 2020-2021. The unexpected pandemic presented unprecedented hurdles, including declining club engagement and member participation. However, his leadership shone through as he adapted and devised innovative strategies.

He initiated a strategic plan focused on recruitment and member retention, leveraging his knowledge of effective outreach strategies. Virtual platforms became the new norm for fostering club connections and engagement, even amidst isolation. Moreover, Renan prioritized mental health, ensuring his club remained a supportive community during these trying times.

The results were impressive. Membership engagement increased, and new members joined who shared the club’s mission. Innovative digital platforms allowed for the execution of impactful projects aligned with the club’s values. This experience reinforced the importance of adaptability, effective communication, and empathy in leadership.

Fostering Collaboration Across District Clubs

Renan’s vision for his role as District Rotaract Representative goes beyond his own club or personal growth. He is committed to fostering collaboration and cooperation among Rotaract clubs within District 3820.

His approach centers on effective communication, creating and nurturing channels for clubs to interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences. Recognizing the value of inclusivity and trust, Renan aims to cultivate a culture where each club’s strengths and perspectives are respected and celebrated.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of sharing successes, challenges, and lessons learned. By doing so, he believes that clubs can inspire one another, promote a culture of continuous improvement, and ignite the passion for cooperation.

DRR Renan on Induction Ceremonies of the Rotary Club of Naga Heights

In conclusion, Renan Joseph P. Ortua Jr.’s journey from a dedicated club member to the District Rotaract Representative of RID 3820 exemplifies the spirit of Rotaract – one of growth, unity, and service above self. With his unwavering commitment and innovative ideas, he is poised to lead the district into a future of collaboration and excellence, leaving a lasting impact on the Rotaract community and beyond.

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