Better Together: The Benefits of Membership

By Louie Boy De Real | Posted on September 23, 2023

Community organizations like Rotary provide the perfect opportunity to help others and better ourselves. But in an era of overwhelming responsibility and constant distraction, what prompts people to join community-based membership organizations? 

In this episode of ’s podcast, we sit down with U.S. Rep. French Hill, Rotary One president Aleta Williams, and Louie De Real, a young Rotary member in the Philippines.

“While Rotary celebrates its long history, it also has an eye for the future specifically, on the future community leaders that help maintain their vigor and relevance. That’s where younger members like Louie from the Philippines comes in.

 He is a member of the Rotary Club of San Francisco del Monte and the Rotaract Club of San Francisco del Monte Malaya Achievers. Louie’s Rotary journey began in 2010 when he joined Rotaract which features clubs for young adults. 

Once upon a time, Louie was a shy student. He didn’t like public speaking and lacked confidence in social setting. But over the years, he worked his way up and held various public roles in Rotary…”

Listen to the Better Together: The Benefits of Membership, a Rotary Voices Podcast here:

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