Meet DRR Jessica Mitra, Leading District 3770 towards a Soaring Future

By Randell D. Balasan | Posted on July 24, 2023

District 3770 of the Philippines is set to embark on a hope-creating journey of growth and development under the leadership of Jessica Mitra, a passionate and dedicated Rotaractor who has stepped forward to take on the role of District Rotaract Representative (DRR) for District 3770 for the Rotary Year 2023-2024. With her rich experience in Rotaract and unwavering dedication to service, she is poised to elevate Rotaract within the district and make a lasting impact on the community. 

Her Rotaract journey began in 2014, igniting a passion for community service and a deep sense of responsibility towards her surroundings. Over the years, she has actively participated in numerous projects, bringing smiles to children’s faces and providing hope to families in need. Her Rotaract experience has not only allowed her to give back to society but has also provided her with valuable opportunities to travel, experience different cultures, and forge meaningful friendships. her motivation for applying as the District Rotaract Representative stems from her desire to continue the impactful work that District 3770 has carried out in previous years. Believing in the support and trust of her Rotaract family, she is driven to lead and contribute to the district’s growth.

As DRR, she envisions a harmonious relationship with fellow Rotaractors, where she learns from their experiences while guiding and inspiring them to embrace the spirit of Rotaract even more. She recognizes the potential for personal and professional growth that comes with the role, emphasizing the mutual development of both herself and the Rotaract community. In District 3770, DRR Jessica champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. With no restrictions on membership, she communicates to organizations the advocacy of Rotaract clubs. Discrimination is not tolerated, and the district promotes respect, peace, and love, creating a welcoming environment for all.

She fosters community and cultural connection, celebrating unity and diversity.

Jessica’s leadership capabilities shine through her experience of leading the Pilipinas Rotaract Convention Program team. By understanding the diverse talents and skills of her fellow Rotaractors and giving them a voice in shaping projects, she fostered a collaborative approach that led to outstanding results. The team’s success demonstrated her ability to effectively lead and coordinate efforts. To foster collaboration and cooperation among Rotaract clubs within the district, DRR Jessica believes in the power of fellowship. Building friendships through bonding moments allows for open communication and the exchange of ideas. By sharing experiences and highlighting the benefits of collaborating with other clubs, she encourages joint projects and the strengthening of relationships.

In her perspective, the key differences between Rotary and Rotaract lie in the generational context, surroundings, and experience. While Rotarians possess extensive knowledge in various Rotary ways, Rotaractors bring a fresh perspective, seeking innovative approaches to projects, activities, and social concerns. With their technological proficiency and social media prowess, Rotaractors contribute to the evolution of how projects are conducted and created. DRR Jessica demonstrates familiarity with the Rotary Foundation and its programs, particularly the End Polio Plus Fund, which Rotaractors have been supporting through donations. She aims to continue sharing the mission and impact of the Rotary Foundation with every Rotaract club, fostering an increasing number of donations and contributing to the foundation’s initiatives.

To increase awareness of Rotary and Rotaract among young professionals in the district, she proposes promoting their activities and community projects on social media platforms. Additionally, she encourages Rotaract clubs to participate in youth organizations and engage with local government units to expand their reach and tap into the enthusiasm of young professionals.

Building strong relationships with Rotaract clubs, Rotarians, and other community organizations is a priority for DRR Jessica. She understands the importance of constant communication, active participation in club and district activities, and fostering genuine friendships. By being present and supportive, she aims to create a network of collaboration and camaraderie. Drawing from her experience, she emphasizes communication, active listening, and objective judgment as key elements in resolving conflicts or disagreements among team members. By encouraging open dialogue and considering different perspectives, she seeks to find common ground and achieve harmony within teams. To ensure effective communication between the district leadership team and Rotaract clubs, she emphasizes the use of modern communication tools. By establishing group messaging platforms and encouraging district officers to actively participate in club events and fellowships, she aims to maintain open channels of communication.

She inspires and empowers through her impactful words, igniting positive change and leadership in the community.

Jessica’s goals as DRR align with the unique geographical challenges of District 3770. She envisions fostering a strong relationship between the two zones within the district—Zone 1 for northern clubs and Zone 2 for Region 3 clubs. By hosting district events alternately between the zones and conducting club visits, she aims to strengthen bonds and promote unity.

Motivation is not just about words for DRR Jessica; it is about leading by example and fostering positive relationships. By being present for clubs, members, and district activities, she aims to inspire and engage Rotaract clubs to actively participate in district events and activities, highlighting the value of collective impact. Recognizing the significant time commitment required for the role, DRR Jessica emphasizes proper calendaring and coordination with club presidents and district officers. She acknowledges that managing a district is a collective effort and highlights the importance of teamwork and delegation to fulfill responsibilities effectively.

DRR Jessica’s vision for the future of Rotaract within District 3770 revolves around expanding the number of Rotaract clubs throughout all provinces. She envisions elevating the presence of Rotaract through continuous communication with Rotary clubs, spreading awareness within the community, and fostering the growth of Rotaract clubs and members year after year. She believes that every individual has leadership potential. Her plan is to provide support systems as Rotaract members embark on their leadership journeys, offering opportunities to gain knowledge and competence incrementally. By nurturing leaders within the district, she aims to inspire Rotaract members to make a lasting difference in their communities.

Jessica Mitra, the newly elected DRR of District 3770, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for Rotaract to her role. With a clear vision, effective communication strategies, and a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, she is poised to elevate Rotaract in the district. Through her leadership, she aims to inspire and motivate Rotaract members, forge strong relationships, and create a soaring district where Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs thrive.

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