Building Bridges of Hope: Feeding and Empowering Street Children

By Ian Tomaquin | Posted on August 29, 2023

On June 27, 2023, the Rotaract Club of Uptown Cubao, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Uptown Cubao, Rotary Club Of Greenhills, and Rotary Club of Ansang Jang-mi from South Korea, undertook a remarkable project titled “Building Bridges of Hope: Feeding and Empowering Street Children” at the Kuya Center for Street Children.

This initiative aimed to make a postive impact on the lives of street children by distributing packed meals, cleaning materials, school supplies, and other essential items. The project received valuable support from our partner, Jollibee, in our shared mission to bring hope and empowerment to these deserving children.

(From Left to Right: IPP Ian Tomaquin, PE John Fitzgerald Siy, PN Shiela Obsum, Club Treasurer Ime Tomaquin, and PP Princess Silva) Uptown Cubao Rotaractors proudly stands with partner clubs for the “Building Bridges of Hope: Feeding and Empowering Street Children” project.

✅Addressing Hunger and Nourishing Lives:

The urgent need to combat hunger among street children is at the heart of our project. Through our partnership with Jollibee, we provided nourishing packed meals to these children at the Kuya Center. These did not fill their bellies, but made them felt cared and supported. Witnessing the smiles on their faces as they enjoyed their meals was a testament to the impact of our collective efforts.

✅Enhancing Education Opportunities:

Education is a powerful tool for transforming lives, and we aimed to empower street children by providing them with essential school supplies. By equipping them with the tools they need, we aimed to create equal educational opportunities and inspire a love for learning. We believe that education has the potential to break the cycle of poverty and provide these children with a brighter future.

✅Promoting Hygiene and Health:

Our project also focused on promoting hygiene practices and improving the overall health of street children. By providing them cleaning materials and other essential items, we were able to promote the importance of cleanliness and good health habits. By doing so, we hoped to contribute to their overall well-being and reduce the risk of illness.

✅The Power of Collaboration:

“Building Bridges of Hope: Feeding and Empowering Street Children” showcased the power of collaboration among our Rotaract Club of Uptown Cubao, Rotary Club of Greenhills, Rotary Club of Ansang Jang-mi, and Jollibee. Together, we pooled our resources, skills, and passion to create a more significant impact on the lives of street children. This project illustrates the power of our collective action that can effect change in our communities.

After the fun-filled activities, the Uptown Rotaractors and its partners pose with the kids at Kuya Center for a class photos.

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