RAC BMP’s Celebration of the 54th World Rotaract Week

By Nicoule Anne Tenorio | Posted on June 11, 2022

The 54th World Rotaract Week was held this year, from March 7 to March 13, 2022. Rotaract Club of Batangas Metro Pioneers participated in this yearly ceremony to celebrate and honor Rotaractors globally.

RAC BMP welcomes the Rotaract Week with a fellowship activity with Batangueño Youth Leaders, accompanied in a fellowship tour to Enchanted Kingdom on March 6, 2022. Members of the organization went on exciting rides and met other empowered young people and future leaders.

With the theme All of Us are Rotaractors: Breakthrough in Service, RAC BMP commemorates the World Rotaract Week through various projects to help celebrate the event. RAC BMP launched a DP frame campaign, which attracted hundreds of Rotaractors.

Another fellowship event was arranged in celebration of World Rotaract Week on March 11, 2022, through Discord, which was carried with a movie night. The film 28 Weeks Later was streamed in accordance with the club’s theme of horror/sci-fi. The night concluded with Rotaractors enjoying a movie takeaway and a small talk with other Rotaractors.

One of the primary events organized by RAC BMP for the 54th World Rotaract Week is Kasama RAC Tumanda and AetaRAC Magsama-sama.

Kasama RAC Tumanda is a program specifically intended for the elder people, which was then held on March 12, 2022 at the Sagip Buhay Foundation. RAC BMP visited 8 elderly people and gave them a short program to support them and make them cheerful for the day. Rotaractors organized performances, activities, and vaccination-related talks for the beneficiaries. The program concluded with the distribution of donated cleaning supplies and health kits, which are mainly used by the elderly. To close the program, beneficiaries and Rotaractors shared a simple meal.

Another project was also held on March 12, 2022 in Barangay Tramo, Alangilan, Batangas City. RAC BMP donated cleaning materials and COVID-19 essential kits to households in Barangay Tramo, Alangilan, Batangas City as part of the project KAYOD: Kaayusan at Kalinisan Ating Itaguyod. A program was also arranged in the area, primarily for children beneficiaries, where they played games, distributed prizes, and shared snacks during the course of the two-hour event.

AetaRAC Magsama-sama! RAC BMP’s Program for the Aeta Community is yet another project as part of the celebration of the 54th World Rotaract Week that was held last March 13, 2022 at San Luis, Batangas. RAC BMP strives to acknowledge all Filipino cultures equally and to guide individuals, who are members of a cultural minority with a path to their dreams and aspirations. The program is composed of five major events such as Project HINAW!, a Hygiene Integration and WASH Campaign; TaRAC Sumayaw at Kumanta, a short activity wherein the Rotaractors and the beneficiaries will learn a sing-and-dance number and perform together; In Her Shoes: Young Girls’ Path towards Empowerment, a program dedicated to empower both young girls and boys; Aeta LitRACtong Pamilya!, an opportunity for the Aeta Families to have their family photos as remembrance of the event; and RAC BMP’s Vaccination Campaign.

RAC BMP’s Project HINAW: A Hygiene Integration and WASH Campaign is an activity that intends to promote proper hygiene in various communities. A mini game was played in which the children used sponges to move water from the bucket to the bottle. Rotaractors teach children proper hand washing techniques and teach them to sing the “Happy Birthday” song to guarantee that they wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

Nurturing talents and establishing a fun environment for the Aeta Families, TaRAC Sumayaw at Kumanta! is a talent showcase where they learn a sing-and-dance performance to perform with the Rotaractors. The Rotaractors learned and performed Sarah Geronimo’s song “Tala”. A dance performance was also presented by young aeta girls dressed in bright dresses.

The second run of In Her Shoes: Young Aeta’s Path towards Empowerment was specifically developed for the children of the Aeta community. The event was restructured to focus on empowering children to pursue their dreams. Children were given a blank canvas to encourage them to become visionaries by clearly defining their goals and expressing their inspiration through painting their dreams.

The event Aeta LitRACtong Pamilya aspires to emphasize the importance of family, friendship, and solidarity by providing remembrance family photographs. Beneficiaries were offered the opportunity to have photos taken as a souvenir.

Distribution of face masks and health kits

For the final part of the project, AetaRAC Magsama-sama!, a vaccination campaign was held to address the significance of vaccines in the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Five Moral Values that parents must educate in their children. At the end of the session, face masks and health kits were distributed.

Rotaract Club of Batangas Metro Pioneers marked the 54th World Rotaract Week with a range of projects organized by Rotaractors. Giving people an insight and sharing what Rotaract clubs have been doing to encourage people to get involved in serving others and changing lives.

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