The Unbinding Love of Project JAIL

By Greg Kenedy Calamohoy | Posted on April 23, 2022

Local jails are required to keep their sanitary facilities and individuals clean to prevent the spread of deadly and dangerous diseases. Because there are numbers of inmates in jails, illness can be transmitted and be the cause of death. Thus, basic hygiene kits are essential, especially in this time of pandemic to avoid such occurrences, as it is vital to keep all facilities clean, particularly those used by detainees.

IAC ND-RVMCC Interactors purchasing hygiene products.

Interact Clubs of Notre Dame – RVM College of Cotabato (IAC ND-RVMCC) and Valencia National High School under Rotary International District 3870, Philippines, conducted “Project JAIL: A Hygiene Supplies Giving Activity”, a joint project for the detainees of Cotabato City and Valencia City Jail respectively, last March 31, 2022.

     The supplies are composed of sanitary pads, bath soaps, powdered detergents, and shampoos. It was partially funded by the Rotaract Clubs of RID 3870, and this initiative will be a means of assisting the detainees in the aforementioned cities. 

The activity at the Cotabato City Jail was chaired by IAC ND-RVMCC Treasurer Shean Anthony M. Agustin and Vice President Rayan A. Abdul, achieving Rotary’s one area of focus: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

The collaborative endeavor also signifies the beginning of the friendship club agreement between the IAC ND-RVMCC and the IAC VNHS. Its mission is to foster trust and promote the genuine meaning of service in order to positively impact everyone’s life.

President Rasheed Albel, Treasurer Agustin, Vice-President Abdul, Financial Committee Chairman Bai Jannah Jheyhan Kumpo, President-elect Greg Calamohoy, and Interactor Ytth Doctolero purchased the groceries on the same day for the 56 detainees and turned them over to Cotabato City Jail.

On the other hand, IAC VNHS President Rolimar T. Ferrera Jr., Secretary Janna Jumawid, Auditor Sheilla Adelaida, Financial Director Denzel Magsayo, International Service Director Ainesis Tadle, Interactor Nicole Ipanag, and Interactor Kin Abellar supplied hygiene kits for 28 female inmates of Valencia City Jail.

IAC ND-RVMCC Pres. Albel and Project Chair VP Abdul canvassing sanitation products.

According to Interactor Shean, the late IAC ND-RVMCC Club Moderator Melchiezedek P. Ubag has become the inspiration during the conduct of this Project JAIL. “This is a perfect way to let our brothers and sisters in the jails feel the love and that they are not alone in this world,” he added.

President Rasheed A. Albel of IAC ND-RVMCC said in an interview, “Donating these materials should just be a normal thing for all of us. Just like what the jail receiving officer said, “kahit gaano kaliit o kalaki, ang mahalaga nakatulong” (whether our gifts are big or small, what matter is we help). But of course, this is everyone’s effort — from the clubs to our District. At the end of the day, I am just thankful for the opportunity to execute this project, which I can say is everyone’s success, with my fellow Interactors.”

Itr. Doctolero, PE Calamohoy, Pres. Albel, FCC Kumpo, and Treas. Agustin during the turn-over of donations to Cotabato City Jail

Even in the face of adversity, love must always be there, and through service, we may inspire and share our concern for others, since, as King George VI put it, “the highest of distinctions is service to others.”

Maguindanaon Dialect

Masisita i kaaden sa malinis a mga gamit sa bilanguan, endo kaabungan su kalapat nu niya a pakapatay endo delikado a sakit. Dibo pila pila i mga tao a nalugen sa bilangguan na nau maaden sa kanilan su kadsakit na makapamagalata na kadsabapan nu kapatay nilan. Tembo ibensukor nilan ged i kaaden sa mga gamit a ibamelinis sa lawas ,labi pan saguna a timpo na makagilek i kakwa sa sakit atawa kapapagalata sa tuba.

Interactors from IAC VNHS during the project turn-over at Valencia City Jail

Su Interact Club of Notre Dame – RVM College of Cotabato endu su Valencia National High School na Rotary International District (RID) 3870 Pilipinas na nangaden sa “Project JAIL: A Hygiene Supplies Giving Activity” (“Pakambaraguna kano Bilangguan: a ibamelinis kano mga kasangkapan endo sa lawas”.) Pinangaden i niya para sa kano mga nalugen a mga tao sa Cotabato City Jail endu Valencia City Jail, niyalon kinapangaden na kano March 31, lagon na 2022.

Su mga dalem na inipangenggay sa lekanian na su mga ibamelimpyo sa lawas, sabon na lawas, ibamipi a sabon endu shampoo. Su project, na timabangan pumundu nu Rotaract Clubs of RID 3870, sa niya nin antu kahanda na endu kadtabangan su mga bilanggo kano siyaba a dalpa.

Su niya a pinggula siya sa Cotabato City Jail na pinanguluan na IAC ND-RVMCC. Pinangunan gu endu pidsaligan sa kuta na si Shean Anthony M. Agustin endu su Vice President mana si Rayan A. Abdul kinatalima nu Rotarys sa kano satiman a dalpa a pedtabangan sa kano mga gamit a ibamelinis.

Si President Rasheed Albel, su Treasurer Agustin, Vice-President Abdul, President Elect Greg Calamohoy, endo su Interactors Ytth Doctolero endo si Bai Jannah Kumpo, i namamasa endu simigkil sa mga pidtalu a tu a mga gamit a panglinis kanu entuba a gay para kano limapulo endo nem (56) a nalugen sa Cotabato City Jail.

Siya kano mga kaped pan, si IAC VNHS President Rolimar T. Ferrera Jr., Secretary Janna Jumawid, Auditor Sheilla Adelaida, Financial Director Denzel Magsayo, International Service Director Ainesis Tadle, endo sina Interactors Nicole Ipanag endu si Kin Abellar na nangenggay bon silan sa gamit a ibamelinis na mga babai a nabilanggo sa Valencia City Jail.

Pidtalo ni Interactor Shean, su nakadalong anto a IAC ND-RVMCC Club Moderator a mana si Mr. Melchiezedek P. Ubag na sekanin i lalan a natingada nami kanu kinapangaden nin kano niyaba a makambaraguna a pamikilan siya kano Bilangguan. Niyaba I mapia a kanggulalan tano kano kakalimo tano kano mga suled tano a mga mama endo mga babai a lusa ludep a bilangguan endo nilan magedam i kena bon silan nakabpulo endo ipedsenggay kano ento a nanggula nilan.

Pidtalo ni IAC ND-RVMCC President Rasheed A. Albel kano kinapangingidsa lon: “Kapangenggay sa kano mga gamit endo mga penggamiten na tatap bon penggulan nu languna sekitano. Mana su pidtalo nu timalima kano inipangenggay lusa bilangguan na tigin, paido man sa masla i ibangenggay nengka, asal a nakadtabang kabon. Uman i isa salkitano a aden bagel nin. Ebpon sa Clubs mangay sa lekitano a District-minsukor-sukor ako kano kinapasad no niya a mga galbekan a nakanggulalan sa mapia labi pan kano mga tagapeda ko a Interactors.”

Apya yanin kaaden i pakatala tano sa mapasang na dibon gaawa su limo na uman i isa, su kanggalbek sa mapia na ga baloy a lalan a kapyanan endo dala pageltan nu mga tao. Tembu nadtalo ni King George VI na, “the highest of distinctions is service to others.” (niya pinakamapulo a pageltan atawa embidaya na su kapanalagad nengka kano kaped nengka.)

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