Innovating while Serving, Project 3D: Digitization & Digitalization Development

By Wendell Garcia | Posted on February 28, 2022

Rotaractors are innovators. Rotaractors are imbued with creativity and possibility in every problem we thrive and the necessity leads us on developing alternatives and innovation. Modernity beyond our diversity is a prime challenge that is imposed not only on our organization but also on our entire nation. As a developing country, various communities and even schools have experienced a lack of internet connection. The Internet is a precursor agent towards our digitization and digitalization endeavors. Because of the need for a remote school in Maragondon, Cavite, we created the Project Digitization and Digitalization Development that helps the school to improve its logo and establish a website and database system.

The School Library of Bucal National Integrated School – Sta. Mercedes Annex.

Bucal National Integrated School- Sta. Mercedes Annex is a remote situated school that has an aspiration of improving its school adaption on digitization and digitalization despite lack of internet connection. The Teacher-in-Charge, Mr. Anton Mazo is a great encouragement to us to formulate this project that will empower school adaptation on digital platforms. Project 3D was conducted last December 22, 2021. This project provides mechanisms on helping students and teachers on coping with various tasks that need digital processes at a lower cost by sharing ideas on what apps and tools that are relevant to use. The call for digitization is a jumpstart for a new normal that must be equitable and available for all people whether in rural or urban settings. As we digitize we must also embrace wider possibilities of reaching more people. 

The School Library of Bucal National Integrated School – Sta. Mercedes Annex.

Digital initiatives can help improve communication, collaboration, management, access to analytics data and open opportunities for development. As we face this pandemic we must never forget to take the chance to innovate that brings solutions. Indeed, while we are serving it is also possible to innovate that helps others and change lives.

As Rotaractors, we innovate while serving thru Project 3D: Digitization & Digitalization Development.

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