Total Giving Performance of Zone 10A Philippines

By Virgilio Farcon, Jr. / Marianick Villegas | Posted on December 23, 2021

Compared to the last four months of the same period the previous year, the total giving performance of Zone 10A is up by 2.82%.

The results of the October 31, 2021 TRF Performance for Zone 10A were a daunting challenge for the Life Changing Team since the Transforming Team last year posted close to 850k total giving for just one month. What saved the day was the successive increases for the first three months.

In this TRF District Contribution Summary table, green arrows indicate a positive increase in total giving while red ones experienced decline. Five districts increased their total giving as of October 31, 2021, compared to the same period last year. 

Looking from another angle, the table below will show the performance of the ten districts on Annual Fund, Per Capita, Total Giving and most number of Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors, Benefactors, Major Gifts, EREY Eligible, Sustaining Member and Number of Non Giving Clubs. Those highlighted with a box represents the highest in Zone 10A. 

Leading Zone 10A is District 3820, the highest in Annual Fund and has achieved the most number of Major Donors and Major Gifts. It is followed by District 3860 obtained the highest Per Capita, Total Giving,  the most number of Paul Harris Fellows, Major Gifts,  the highest number of EREY eligible and Sustaining Members. Meanwhile, District 3810 has the most number of Benefactors, and District 3830 also has the most number of Major Donors (tied with D3820).

In terms of Annual Fund, Endowment fund, Per Capita, Total Giving and End Polio (without DDF), the top performing districts are Districts 3860, 3830, 3820, 3810 and 3850 for landing in the top three of each of the categories.

On the worldwide rankings for Total Giving and Per Capita, three districts gave Zone 10A the honor for October 2021. These are District 3860, District 3830, and District 3820.

At the Zone level, four of the ten districts are included in the top five for Zone 10, namely Districts 3860, 3830, 3820 and 3800.

The ranking of the Philippines has considerably improved in the worldwide rankings of the Top 30 Giving Countries.

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