The Emancipating Potency of Being a Rotaractor

By Maria Teresa Gracia Reototar | Posted on November 14, 2021

Several thousands of lost souls are hustling–either on the run from the cruelty of the universe or to persistently seek their life’s worth. Living a life without a sense of direction is synonymous to being trapped in a room where gloom covertly creeps in, sending shivers and horrendous anxiety. The presence of life feels more like a candle lit in a broad daylight, gradually melting down without having served its conviction. In order to set free from the excruciating worthlessness, it is incumbent to search for the door out and what enables one to see in the dark is light which Rotaract Club of Metro Sorsogon exactly is. It won’t necessarily open the door but it sheds lights so that the door becomes more visible. The moment one decided to open it, the members will walk you out and let you see the aesthetics of service, members who withstood storms together, friends who grew together, family who serves together.

This is where diverse personalities join forces intersect, pulling people in to weave connections, build friendships and open opportunities to those who most need emotional, mental and physiological support. They have grown their roots to service, anchored and dedicated to carry out their shared vision. Rotaract Club of Metro Sorsogon paved the way for those who possess great hearts to extend their life’s abundance to the vulnerable while those unable are enabled through the power of service.

With this, life is a candle whose life wasted no longer rather it becomes one that illuminates the exact same darkness where lost souls run away from, an instrument that helps lost souls be found.

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