Get Social! Tips to Boost Your Rotaract Social Media Pages

By Daniel E. Kitma | Posted on May 21, 2021

On average, Filipinos spend at least 10 hours a day online. But it only takes 3 seconds for a user to swipe away from a post. It is a competitive digital world and those few seconds are critical to reach a target audience. In this day and age, content is king.

Here are a few great tips if you want your page content to stand out:

Trigger behaviors and integrate emotions into your content.

Emotions may sound straightforward but can trigger a like, follow and the occasional share of a post.

Keep it interactive and enticing.

Hype them up and tickle their brains. Make your audience feel engaged either via polls, MyDay challenges, Q&A’s etc.

Explore other types of content.

Never settle for a picture and a headline. Content creating sites like Canva, RossVideo and Asana are one-stop sites for all things creative (e.g Infographic, Videos, Posters, PowerPoint Presentations).

Use social media insights.

Know what post or content generated the most likes, shares and comments. This will allow you to consider what type of content to keep creating and what to set aside. Here are a few platforms you can use to monitor how well your page is doing: Facebook’s Business Manager, Instagram Insights, Brand24, and Meltwater.

Invest in quality instead of quantity.

Never sacrifice quality because the audience digs on new and creative ideas, not the number of posts you do in a day.

We should believe by now that people have the capacity to donate and participate but the challenge is to make them dig into their pockets or lend a helping hand. A simple virtual seminar or Rotaract fundraising event can garner sky-high donations with good marketing and social selling.

On top of all this, Rotaractors should never forget Rotaract’s guiding principles and should always integrate them in every content released on the Club’s digital platforms. Make sure that every social media post inspires growth and opens opportunities for service. 

Rotaractors are not to boast nor make others feel inferior but be avenues of peace and goodwill.

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