Ed’s Note

By Elyrose Naorbe | Posted on May 31, 2021

Because of the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home or only go out when necessary. The coronavirus crisis has adversely affected various sectors aside from health—economy, livelihood, employment, and even tourism. 

COVID-19, one of the deadliest viruses that hit the globe, has claimed many lives and has drastically changed the way we live. One after another, we hear of airline bankruptcies, company closures, and rising unemployment. On the other hand, it has also given birth and opened opportunities to some who fought hard to stay on track despite the many issues and problems they are facing. 

With the current situation, most of us relied on social media and other networking sites to get news updates and even long distance information. This is why we launched the Philippine Rotaract Magazine: to feature various projects, noble causes of Rotaractors, and even Interactors in the country. 

We decided to come up with something ‘modern’ as a way of informing the public of why we exist in the community. Through this online platform, readers can easily search and click stories related to the organization. This is a good sign for us, especially that Rotarians can also witness how we grow as their partners in service through innovative projects and initiatives. 

In the maiden issue of Philippine Rotaract Magazine, we showcase various sections that will really entertain your sight to read and explore. 

We have a RAC Matter of the Month wherein we will feature stories aligned to our monthly theme. We also have RACStar which will feature Rotaractors with an inspiring story like the story of MDIO Chair entitled: De Real Talks: A Peek into the Life of an MDIO Chair. Just like in Philipine Rotary Magazine, we also have the Featured Rotaract District dubbed D’Pinned District, a section that will highlight a district’s projects and activities. 

RAC Hall of Fame will also feature a  Rotaract Club that gives valuable contribution and has remarkable performance this Rotary Year. On tRACk will be also included as it provides news and information about the clubs. Other sections include A RACviser Once Said, RACRound the World, RAC Kapehan, RAC Speaks, and RAC Reconnect. 

Now that we have shifted to Digital, we are excited to share stories of hard work, struggles, and successes of Rotaractors. We may face challenges along the way but we have big hearts that will connect you to the wonderful stories that we create. 

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