My First Experience at the Rotary International Convention in Singapore

By JN. Vianney Dagandan | Posted on June 17, 2024

Last May 26-29, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Rotary International Convention held at the Marina Bay Sands, Expo and Convention Center in Singapore. This was my first time attending such a prestigious event, and it exceeded all my expectations.

Volunteering as a Flag Bearer

One of the most memorable experiences was volunteering as a flag bearer during the opening ceremonies. It was an honor to be part of such a grand and significant event. Carrying the flag among representatives from around the world was both exhilarating and humbling, marking a great start to the convention.

Exploring the House of Friendship

The House of Friendship was a highlight of the convention. This vibrant space was filled with booths and displays showcasing various Rotary projects and initiatives. It provided an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow Rotarians, share ideas, and establish new linkages. The diverse range of exhibits and the enthusiasm of the participants made it a dynamic and enriching experience.

Expanding My Rotary Knowledge

The Rotary Village within the House of Friendship was particularly helpful in expanding my Rotary knowledge. The village offered a wealth of information about Rotary’s history, mission, and ongoing projects. Engaging with the knowledgeable staff and volunteers there deepened my understanding of Rotary’s global impact and inspired me to contribute more actively to my local club.

Engaging General and Breakout Sessions

Attending the general sessions every day was both enlightening and inspiring. The sessions featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who discussed a wide range of topics, from humanitarian efforts to leadership and innovation. Each session provided valuable insights and broadened my perspective on the global challenges and opportunities that Rotary/Rotaract  addresses.

After the plenary sessions, I eagerly participated in the breakout sessions. These smaller, focused sessions allowed for more in-depth discussions and interactive learning. I gained practical knowledge and skills that I can apply to my Rotary/ Rotaract activities and beyond. The breakout sessions were a testament to the convention’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience.

The Closing Session

A photo of me in the Closing Session

The convention concluded with a memorable closing session. This session included the presentation of the president nominee and a symbolic banner exchange between the outgoing and incoming presidents. It was a poignant moment that highlighted the continuity and enduring spirit of Rotary. The closing session was a fitting end to an inspiring and enriching event.

A photo with the President of Rotary International for the year 2025-2026, Mário César Martins de Camargo

Overall, my first experience at the Rotary International Convention was immensely rewarding. It was an event filled with learning, networking, and inspiration. The opportunity to volunteer, explore, and engage with the global Rotary community was invaluable. I left the convention with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper commitment to Rotary’s mission of service above self.

I look forward to attending future conventions and continuing to contribute to the impactful work of Rotary International.

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