Ed’s Note (June’24)

By JN. Vianney Dagandan | Posted on June 2, 2024

Uniting for Service: Celebrating Rotary Fellowships Month, the Rotary International Convention, and the Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference

June is a month of camaraderie, learning, and global connections for Rotarians and Rotaractors. It marks Rotary Fellowships Month, a time to celebrate the special interest groups within Rotary that bring members together beyond their clubs and districts. This month also sees two major events: the Rotary International Convention and the Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference (APRRC) in Singapore. These gatherings provide a platform for members to unite, share ideas, and collaborate on service projects.

Rotary Fellowships Month: Building Bonds Beyond Borders

Rotary Fellowships are groups of Rotarians, their family members, program participants, and alumni who share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions. These fellowships are an integral part of the Rotary experience, offering opportunities for members to build lasting friendships, enhance their Rotary experience, and foster international understanding and goodwill.

During Rotary Fellowships Month, clubs and districts highlight the various fellowships and encourage members to join and participate. From cycling and wine appreciation to photography and business networking, there’s a fellowship for nearly every interest. These groups not only provide a platform for shared activities but also extend Rotary’s reach by connecting members worldwide who might not otherwise meet.

Rotary International Convention: A Global Celebration of Service

The Rotary International Convention is the highlight of the Rotary calendar, bringing together members from around the world to celebrate their shared commitment to service. This year’s convention promises to be a spectacular event filled with inspirational speakers, informative breakout sessions, and opportunities to network with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors.

The convention serves as a platform for learning and exchange, where members can gain insights into Rotary’s global initiatives, participate in workshops on various service projects, and collaborate on new ideas to address pressing challenges. It’s also a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Rotary clubs and districts over the past year.

Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference: Energizing Young Leaders in Singapore

Coinciding with Rotary Fellowships Month and the Rotary International Convention, the Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference (APRRC) in Singapore is a significant event for young leaders in the Rotaract community. The APRRC gathers Rotaractors from across the Asia Pacific region to engage in leadership development, cultural exchange, and collaborative service projects.

The conference features a dynamic program that includes keynote speeches from prominent leaders, interactive workshops on personal and professional development, and sessions focused on Rotaract’s role in advancing Rotary’s mission. Participants have the chance to network with peers, share best practices, and develop partnerships that extend beyond the conference.

A Month of Unity and Inspiration

June is a month that embodies the spirit of Rotary—service, fellowship, and global understanding. As Rotarians and Rotaractors come together for Rotary Fellowships Month, the Rotary International Convention, and the APRRC in Singapore, they strengthen the bonds that unite them and reaffirm their commitment to making a difference in the world.

Join the Celebration

Whether you’re a seasoned Rotarian, a dedicated Rotaractor, or new to the Rotary family, there’s something for everyone to celebrate and engage with this June:

  • Explore Fellowships: Discover the various Rotary Fellowships that align with your interests and join a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Attend the Convention: If you have the opportunity, participate in the Rotary International Convention to connect with members from around the world and gain new insights into Rotary’s global impact.
  • Engage in the APRRC: For Rotaractors, the Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference in Singapore is a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with peers, and contribute to meaningful service projects.

A Unified Force for Good

As we celebrate Rotary Fellowships Month, the Rotary International Convention, and the Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference, let’s remember that our strength lies in our unity and shared commitment to service. These events not only highlight the diversity and reach of Rotary and Rotaract but also inspire us to continue working together to create lasting change in our communities and beyond.

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