Bingolio! Yes to Bingo! Yes to End Polio!

By Julius Lorca Jr. | Posted on February 17, 2024

Commending the Remarkable 16-Year Journey of Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) in the Philippines.

In commemorating 16 years of the Rotaract Multiple District Information Organization (MDIO) in the Philippines, ‘Bingolio: Yes to Bingo! Yes to End Polio!’ emerged as a resounding success. The event, brimming with enthusiasm and purpose, through an engaging evening of entertainment and philanthropy.

A sincere expression of gratitude is extended to the MDIO for masterminding this vibrant affair. The projects dedication in hosting an event aimed on supporting the Polio Plus Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

The fervent participation and generous contributions from attendees illuminated the significance of collective action. Each contribution symbolized a step toward eradicating polio, encapsulating the spirit of unity and service ingrained within the Rotaract community.

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, this event stands as a testament to the tireless commitment of the MDIO and the collective efforts of Rotaract members. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power generated when individuals unite for a common cause.

As we laud the accomplishments of 16 years of impactful initiatives, let this celebration be a catalyst for future endeavors, inspiring further strides towards global betterment. Here’s to the MDIO’s unwavering dedication and to the vibrant Rotaract community, shaping a brighter tomorrow through their persistent commitment to service.

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