Innovating Rotaract: Extending Services, Partnership for Man’s Best Friends

By Chivas Ayroso | Posted on January 6, 2024

For almost 55 years, Rotaract has offered a wide range of services to humanity and the environment; from healthcare, information drive, relief operations and other initiatives that regard the greater welfare for all. As an organization of youth, Rotaract Club of Greenfields QC innovates the appreciation of the Rotary Cause ‘Providing Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ through the Project Animal Welfare (PAW) that aims to provide care and comfort to animals tagged as man’s best friends. 

Streets are not always scary for strays- Rotaract can prove that

This long-term project was started in 2021 in which the club was able to help in tracking streets with high volume of stray cats and dogs in assistance to the local government unit program and at the same time, provide them basic assistance; food and water. 

RC, RAC & IAC members united in Project Animal Welfare

On October 25, 2023, the club conducted PAW in the streets of San Agustin and Novaliches Proper, both located in Quezon City to assess the success of the program based on their monitoring. Although there are a few stray cats and dogs in the area, it is observable that there is a declinement. 

HCP Jobel creating hope for less fortunate cats in the busy streets of QC

From an average of 30-50 stray cats and dogs in 2021 and 2022, the club inferred that we are only catering 15-30 stray cats and dogs in 2023. Even though there is beneficiaries’ regression, it is a better condition that we are actually targeting. Lower number of stray cats and dogs, means better living conditions for them and for humans, especially children. 

PN Faye extending support to a pregnant stray cat

Quezon City LGU is in partnership with various organizations in delivering the expanded animal care and rescue. The Quezon City Animal Welfare and Adoption Center was given bigger support from the government and non-governmental actors that shared the vision of providing clean and comfortable spaces for these wonderful best friends of humankind. 

Greenfields RACStars are delivering this service as frequently as every month with the assistance of its sponsoring rotary club, the Rotary Club of Greenfields Quezon City and the Interact Club of Novaliches High School.

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