Crafting Hope: Success Stories from ‘Ang Gantsilyo ni Ina’ Workshop

By Dan Dave Igcol | Posted on December 6, 2023

As Pink Month unfolds, celebrating strength, resilience, and hope, we’re thrilled to share the success of our first-ever “Ang Ganstilyo ni Ina Workshop” under the initiative “New Skill, New Hope.” More than just a success, it’s about the inspiration and newfound hope it brings to the participating mothers.

Group Picture of the attendees

This workshop goes beyond learning crocheting; it’s a journey for both moms and Rotaractors. Guided by Ms. Adeline Boyonas Enad, we’re exploring crochet knots, history, and terms, making it an exciting adventure.

For the moms, it’s a step towards new skills and potential income opportunities. Creating beautiful crochet projects becomes a therapeutic outlet, empowering women with skills for financial independence. Talks about partnerships are ongoing, showing our commitment to sustaining these skills.

Action photo of the mothers during the crochet making

Big thanks to Fablab Bohol for the perfect workshop space and Armstrong and Pretty Little Something for their generous support. Their commitment aligns with our vision of empowering women through skill-building.

This workshop is just the beginning. Program One sets the stage for empowering initiatives. Positive feedback inspires us to continue. Stay tuned for updates; you might be the next beneficiary!

Mothers’ eager to Learn

Mother Mitos Shiela Lumaad, a participant, shared her joy on our Facebook post a week later. She proudly announced completing her first crochet project, showcasing the empowerment we aim for in every participant.

Screenshot of Mother Mitos Comment

“Ang Ganstilyo ni Ina” Workshop is a beacon of hope for participating mothers. It symbolizes a community coming together to uplift and inspire. As we celebrate Pink Month, let this success story be proof that positive change happens through collaboration and a commitment to empowering individuals with the tools to shape their destinies.

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