Kaleidoscope: Realizing All Communities

By Eric Marasigan | Posted on November 16, 2023

What Does It Mean to Be Part of a Community?

What exactly does it feel like to belong to a group of people? Common vision? Interests? Principles? Routines?

Being part of a community entails acceptance. No matter what race, what status, what age, what gender, and what preference we bear; we shall feel exclusivity without hesitation and fear.

As Francis M. sang, “Every color, every hue is represented by me and hue.” 

My First Community

Others walk while others run.

My family was the first community I ever joined. I played the youngest when I first entered this world. Despite the fact that I hardly assisted my mother around the house, I learnt how to be an assistant in this role. By doing so, I was able to develop my ability to be a follower and to support others in their pursuits. 

I go through a lot in life, but I am aware that my family did not run from me then. Even while we may not be the perfect, close-knit family, I know that they gave it their all to raise me – that makes me incredibly proud and sends my pride and dignity soaring high.

Community 1 won’t ever abandon you. Your family won’t if some can, though. You will share in its love despite how flawed you may be.

My Second Community

So many faces, so many races

Different voices, different choices.

My first and current place of employment, Lilyrose School (LS), is where I found my next community. Here, I first encountered a different people who now serve as my stronghold. 

Each lesson I learned from this group has a direct bearing on how I live my life. I must be an excellent follower if I want to be a devoted co-teacher. I have to be a voice of inspiration if I want to be an effective teacher. I must perform the duties assigned to me if I want to be a useful member of my community. With each new role I take on, I increase my capacities and establish moral judgment. The LS community has influenced who I am today throughout my life.

I view Community 2 as a location where we may interact with many people who have various viewpoints and preferences. Voices that uplift and encourage us; choices that have gotten us to where we are.

VOICE AND CHOICE. Teachers have the power to change one’s life through their immense dedication and commitment.

My Third Community

Some are friends and some are foes

Some have some while some have most.

I’ve met a lot of people in my 32 years of existence. I made some into enemies and some into pals. While others decided to leave intentionally or not, both actions constitute desertion. That’s life as it is, I guess. We can never be everyone’s cup of tea. 

I have discovered another community, Bagumbayan. Here, I got to know some up-and-coming, diverse individuals who lived in the same town. With them, I came to understand that friendship, or “tropa,” does not require extensive acquaintance; rather, it requires a common vision and a vested interest. Even though I’ve only known them for a quarter of a year, it feels like we’ve been friends for a long time. 

To me, Community 3 represents the idea that we are a fabric of individuals. We support one another, share knowledge with one another, rejoice and mourn together. But like a cloth, the fabric nonetheless remains strong even when one thread is frayed or damaged, possessing “the most” that others might not.

SHARED VISION. Our acquaintance is our safe havens, giving us blissful and memorable times.

RAC Tanauan as My Community

Some are poor with no food on their plate

Some stand out while others blend.

It still seems strange to be a member of the Rotaract Club of Tanauan, District 3820. It let me realize that I can offer assistance outside of my areas of interest and competence. Here, I discovered how to change, think, and share with people who may or may not be similar to me, but who are still, ultimately, a part of it.

I had no idea that I could be of assistance, especially to people who really needed it. That some individuals live in extreme poverty and cannot even afford to put one meal on their plate breaks my heart. I became aware of how fortunate I am to still have food and clothing to wear.

Community 4 is an avenue for us to serve other people. With the same aim and vision, we can uplift those who are experiencing downfall in life. We can show them the light they are craving for.

SERVING PEOPLE. The secret to serving our community is to volunteer out of genuine interest and dedication.

Our Community

The people we are with from different lenses (family, work, friends, and organization) are referred to as our communities. They provide us with the motivation to live and help others. The most important thing is that we all have the same aim of assisting others, regardless of our varied abilities and means to interact.

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