Forging an Empowered and Inclusive Membership towards a Thriving Rotaract

By Justin John Nagac | Posted on August 23, 2023

We, members, are at the core of Rotaract’s identity as Young People of Action. We are not just mere participants in our clubs’ activities but are catalysts of change that create hope in our communities. Rotaract has become our platform to stand and work as one in finding innovative solutions to address pressing social problems.

As emphasized by one of Rotaract’s avenues of service — Club Service, a thriving club is anchored by strong relationships and active membership. Therefore, our August edition of RAC Matters casts a special spotlight on Membership and Club Development.

We have always understood the need for enhanced membership and club development. Yet, often, it is being overlooked.

Sometimes, we are prone to be overwhelmed by the technicalities of running our clubs or achieving impactful results for our partner communities at the end of a Rotaract Year. While these are not necessarily negative and detrimental, we must be reminded, from time to time, that crucial to our clubs’ existence are our members.

It is in our ethos that we must work continuously to strengthen our member relations; this is essential in creating an inclusive and empowering environment that our members can enjoy.


Meaningful relationships are formed and maintained through communication. With strong communication, we can build a culture of understanding that deepens connections among the members of our clubs.

Effective communication channels, too, are necessary for disseminating timely information to our members. We must communicate with them the correct information that they must know regularly. Our Rotaract leaders should take an active role in communicating with our members.

Lastly, we must talk to them in good and bad times. In ensuring that all our members are well-informed about the essential aspects of our respective clubs, we forge relationships built on trust. 

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Rotaractors can be an active educational stewards to our fellow youth, future Rotaractors, and the general public. Participants of “IT’S ON” rushes to stack their paper tower as part of the games of the event. In partnership with the Rotary Club of Carmen Valley, Carmen Valley Rotaractors organized an orientation for the INTERACT happened on August 20, 2016 at Regional Science High School, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City which were participated by students and officers from the its Supreme Student Government (SSG). Source: Rotaract Club of Carmen Valley East Facebook Page


Education plays an indispensable role in maintaining our inclusive and empowered membership. Continuous education of our members on the principles and practices the Rotaract Movement upholds will groom them to be Rotaractor that work towards creating positive change, ensuring that their actions align with the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Through education, Rotaractors will be aware of their biases and equip them with tools to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, breaking down barriers that hinder inclusivity. Indeed, they become conduit of open-mindedness that promote dialogue and understanding between individuals of diverse backgrounds–within and beyond the clubs. 

Conversely, education cultivates Rotaractors’ skills to lead effectively, communicate persuasively, and collaborate seamlessly. These competencies enable us to design and implement impactful projects that address the needs of the times. Not only that it will benefit the communities they serve, but it will also positively impact their personal and professional lives.

Lastly, educational activity must not only be directed at members. Our members, themselves, can be an active educational stewards in educating our fellow young people, potential future Rotaractors, and the general public on what they can do to help.


With robust communication and continuous education, we motivate our members to feel connected to our clubs. We create an environment for them that nurtures their passion, fosters a sense of purpose, and provides opportunities for growth and engagement. 

Our members’ motivation may vary from one another. Hence, we must be attuned to their needs, interests, and preferences.When we create a supportive and empowering environment for our members and offer them variety of opportunities (either opportunities to be at help for others or opportunities to hone their skills or expand their networks), we inspire our Rotaractors to stay motivated and engaged to be young people of action.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution that we can employ to achieve an inclusive and empowered membership of our respective Rotaract clubs. However, by recognizing that our members are central and essential to our identity and movement as Rotaract, we begin our journey towards making our clubs all-inclusive and uplifting for all our members. 

Pleasantly, as we move, we will also discover our clubs are thriving imperceptibly.

With robust communication and continuous education, we motivate our members to feel connected to our clubs. Members of The Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente and KAABAG (Kabataan Abante Gayud) holds a coordination meeting for a collaboration activity for the 2023 International Youth Day. Source: Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente Facebook Page

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