Power of Hope: Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

By Crystal Jade Juguilon | Posted on July 24, 2023

As another fulfilling Rotary year has passed, we are now turning the dynamic chapter into a page full of unending possibilities and opportunities that will spark hope in individuals, communities, and the world. For Rotaract clubs and Rotaractors, a new Rotary year is an avenue for planning and executing activities, projects, and programs that will positively impact the lives of the doers themselves, ones they serve by applying inclusive and adaptive approaches to address the changes happening in the world.

It is also a time to revisit and reflect on previous achievements and challenges and look forward to future breakthroughs and goals with the drive to go beyond what was already accomplished and to maintain the burning passion of serving others while networking following our slogan, “Fellowship Through Service.” To ensure that we are on the right track in preparation for the New Rotary Year, I suggest the fundamental ways that Rotaractors need to do:

Plan. Rotaractors need to plan their projects, programs, and activities for the new Rotary year in alignment with the theme and priorities of Rotary International. The Rotary Year 2023 – 2024 theme is “Create Hope in the World,” wherein the Rotaractors must calibrate their club’s plans to ensure that every materialized project, activity, or program addresses at least one among the seven areas of focus and avenues of services with consideration of the needs of the individual, the family, and the community they belong. It is essential to apply the phrase, “thinking globally, act globally,” as we explore options to help. Planning is now easier with our different platforms in this digital era, as technology brings us together through virtual meetings.

Learn. We need to find and create ways to acquire new skills, knowledge, and values to help us grow as future leaders. Rotaractors, including the Rotary Learning Center, can access several learning resources and platforms to enhance our professional and personal growth. We can also attend training programs, workshops, webinars, or seminars to equip ourselves with relevant knowledge and skills. We can also seek mentorship or guidance from experienced Rotarians or experts in their field of interest as we broaden our horizons and enhance our current skill sets.

Learning Never Stops. Simulation of the First Aid and Safety Training provided by the Baguio Benguet Public Information Civic Action Group (BB PICAG) during the Project Horizons of the Rotaract Club of UP Baguio as co-hosted and sponsored by the different Rotaract Clubs of District 3790.

Connect. Rotaractors should collaborate with other Rotaractors, Rotarians, or partners from different clubs, districts, or countries and even the civic organizations within the community. Attending events, meetings, conferences, or conventions is highly encouraged to expand the Rotaractor’s network and expose them to diverse perspectives and cultures that will widen one’s sensitivity towards others. Also, the best way to strengthen relationships and partnerships with other clubs is through joint projects or activities, especially if the partnership is officially recognized by signing a Memorandum of Agreement.

No One Left Behind. The best way to connect is to participate in seminars and conferences inviting resource persons apart from our capable professional Rotaractors. The Rotaract Club of San Fabian is grateful to be part of this activity organized by the Rotary Club and Rotaract Club of Downtown Session of Baguio City.

Rotaractors can prepare for the new rotary year by planning, learning, and connecting to widen our imagination, heightening our ability to spark hope in a changing world. Every year, we, Rotaractors, are expected to be involved in various service, learning, and networking opportunities and participate in meaningful service projects that positively impact our communities. These activities will develop our skills, knowledge, and values as future leaders.

For me, the theme “Create Hope in the World” means inspire, empower, and enable people to believe in and work for a better future. We can make this possible by allowing ourselves to become the instruments in identifying society’s problems and working with the communities in crafting and acting on the solutions. With innovation and collaboration with the stakeholders, we can open many opportunities to improve people’s quality of life and well-being.

As Rotaractors, we can embody this theme by having a positive outlook and attitude toward ourselves, others, and the world. We can be hopeful by setting goals and working hard to achieve them. We can spread hope by sharing our stories and experiences in Rotaract activities and inspiring others.

The new rotary year is an exciting and challenging time for Rotaractors. It is a time to plan and execute our projects, programs, and activities in alignment with the theme and priorities of Rotary International. Most importantly, it is a time to spark hope one person at a time, then into the community, and gradually to the world.

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