Plus Ultra (Further Beyond)

By Roy Anselmo Jaluag | Posted on March 7, 2023

The year is 2027, and five years have passed since the implementation of Elevate Rotaract. In those five years, a lot has changed. Many Rotaract clubs have been recognized for their projects and have received global grants. Others had sponsored new Rotaract clubs or established themselves without a sponsoring Rotary club.

In the coming five years, the whole Rotary community will change, bringing in a new era and a set of leaders taking care of their respective communities. The role of Rotaractors will be more present in discussions regarding how the organization will take shape and be part of its decision-making process. We will be more than a membership type in five years, but also a partner.

Six Rotary Years, Six Stories, shared by Six People

These changes will not only be inside the organization but also outside of it. In the coming years, our numbers have grown, reaching new milestones and having a greater presence in our communities. New clubs will be established left and right, offering impactful projects and reaching new communities.

There will be new challenges ahead, challenges that have never been seen before. But the creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness of Rotaractors will push through by offering new sustainable projects. Clubs will reach new heights on their own, whether through their members, community projects, international service, fundraising, public image, and more. Clubs of the future will have a plethora of services to offer their communities.

Adapting to Constant Change and Reaching New Heights

But these are predictions, and a lot of things could still change that we do not yet know about. Though there is uncertainty, our actions today prove that we are on the right track. Even though it is not yet 2027, a lot of us have already set plans or implemented bits of them to ensure that we continue to grow as an organization.

All Champions Charging to a New Tomorrow

Today, every one of us continues to strive amidst the ambiguity thrown at us and triumph in all situations. We achieved this through the three qualities that are seen in all Rotaractors: creativity, resourcefulness, and collaboration. Clubs have become more creative in their projects, solving issues in their communities through creative means, and are resourceful with the materials they have to create a sustainable project. Clubs have also continued to collaborate, either by hosting a project together or through co-hosting, with others tapping into other organizations for their projects.

The Past, the Present, and the Future of the club in one picture

No one knows what the future holds for any of us. A lot could happen in the year 2027, and things will continue to change. But knowing the courage of Rotaractors to take on new challenges, it can be said that things will go well in the future. We will continue to make the world a better place by lighting a brighter day and igniting a higher flame. We are your tomorrow.

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